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📝 Update Windows Store Language

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@@ -30,8 +30,7 @@ applications.
To compile any existing Electron app, ensure that you have the following

* Windows 10 Anniversary Update (until the update is released to the general public,
developers can use the Windows Insider Preview)
* Windows 10 with Anniversary Update (released August 2nd, 2016)
* The Windows 10 SDK, [downloadable here][windows-sdk]
* At least Node 4 (to check, run `node -v`)

@@ -105,11 +104,15 @@ automatically install the package on your machine.

## Step 3: Using the AppX Package

Since the Windows Anniversary Update (codenamed Windows Redstone) has not been
released to consumers yet, you won't be able to release your app to the Windows
Store until later this year - but you can already use the `Add-AppxPackage`
[PowerShell Cmdlet to install it on machines][add-appxpackage]
in developer or enterprise environments.
In order to run your package, your users will need Windows 10 with the so-called
"Anniversary Update" - details on how to update Windows can be found [here][how-to-update].

In opposition to traditional UWP apps, packaged apps currently need to undergo a
manual verification process, for which you can apply [here][centennial-campaigns].
In the meantime, all users will be able to just install your package by double-clicking it,
so a submission to the store might not be necessary if you're simply looking for an
easier installation method. In managed environments (usually enterprises), the
`Add-AppxPackage` [PowerShell Cmdlet can be used to install it in an automated fashion][add-appxpackage].

Another important limitation is that the compiled AppX package still contains a
win32 executable - and will therefore not run on Xbox, HoloLens, or Phones.
@@ -154,3 +157,5 @@ Once installation succeeded, you can move on to compiling your Electron app.

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