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groundwater commented Nov 9, 2016 edited

Debug build compiles on:

  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows

Release build compiles on:

  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows

Tests passing on:

  • OS X
  • Linux
  • Windows

Fix features:

  • insertCSS
  • inspectElement
  • offscreen rendering
  • POST navigations
  • navigator.requestMIDIAccess


Fixes #6571
Fixes #7814
Fixes #8062
Fixes #8366


Boom failed! Please fix this before anything else.

poiru commented Nov 9, 2016

@groundwater You may be already aware of this, but your commit is changing the line-endings fron LF to CRLF.


Hey @poiru thanks for the tip! I thought git for windows would fix that, but I'll see if I can adjust Atom editor to use the correct line endings.

Hi @WarenGonzaga, I would like to keep this discussion reserved for people working on the chrome54 fix. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this is a very early work, and there is much to be done. Thanks!


If y'all upload libchromiumcontent for Windows I can pitch in on that front

groundwater and others added some commits Nov 9, 2016
@groundwater @kevinsawicki groundwater WIP: chrome 54 update b1eede3
@groundwater @kevinsawicki groundwater update atom_browser_client.h 8337c46
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Update brightray and libchromiumcontent to Chrome 54 123d532
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Update crashpad 0f21f81
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Update files for Chrome 54 API changes 1e8e7c9
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix wrong library paths 5266c56
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix linking errors on Mac 5d2a7e2
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Linking path to libffmpeg.dylib has changed 36d48ae
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix compilation errors for Linux 166f0dd
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix linking problem with libgtk2ui cdb4d4d
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix linking error for x64 Linux build 9c5d361
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Update libchromiumcontent for the rebase f415353
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix building on Windows 6aadeea
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix linking for Windows 59e6685
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix building error for arm linux 250eeea
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Fix linking for arm build c90f209
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz gyp does not allow empty lists in variables 4b61800
@zcbenz @kevinsawicki zcbenz Update to latest libchromiumcontent c9182b2
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Append form to body before submitting 9bcbdae
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Update type to level in debugger message spec c745736
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add spec for midi without sysex permission 6d7eb73
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Implement RequestPermissions using request handler 561458a
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add spec for denying perm requests when handler is cleared 5d0c9f0
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add failing spec for insertCSS 4c067ba
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Implement insertCSS on webFrame 75b6bf7
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Call InspectElement directly on InspectableWebContents a4522a5
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use === in specs 7d2ba2a
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Only remove webview when non-null 6ee34ee
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Implement SetNeedsBeginFrames 184b6bd
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Implement GetScreenInfo a76ea8f
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Use SetNeedsBeginFrames from IPC handler 5ecfb42
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki ๐ŸŽจ 4561f85
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Add basic inspectElement spec be0028f
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Upgrade to Chrome 54.0.2840.101 8caa8b6
@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki Upgrade brightray for latest chrome 54 changes
zcbenz commented Jan 17, 2017

This is closed in favor of #8406.

@zcbenz zcbenz closed this Jan 17, 2017
@zcbenz zcbenz deleted the chrome54 branch Jan 17, 2017
@warpdesign warpdesign referenced this pull request in Microsoft/vscode Jan 19, 2017

Smooth Scrolling disappeared in 1.6 #13612

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