@zcbenz zcbenz released this Nov 1, 2016 · 8443 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when loading a URL using a persistent session. #7628
  • Fixed a crash when using setCertificateVerifyProc on a session. #7651
  • Fixed a crash when creating notifications on a session that is using a permission request handler. #7788


  • Fixed an issue where the web contents would lose focus when clicking the
    menu bar causing certain role-based menu items to not work. #7707
  • Fixed an issue where maximized windows would be restored/un-maximized to the
    wrong location. #7766

New APIs

  • Added a new net module that exposes Chrome's native network APIs, available
    via require('electron').net in the main process. #7577
  • Added support for setting additional options to
    webFrame.registerURLSchemeAsPrivileged. #7665
  • Added support for a webpreferences attribute to <webview> tags that can
    be used to set additional options similar to the webPreferences option on
    the BrowserWindowconstructor. #7631


  • Added support to the clipboard module for reading from and writing to the
    find pasteboard, available as clipboard.readFindText/writeFindText. #7719
  • Added BrowserWindow.previewFile that opens a file in the native Quick Look
    view. #7592