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The '-p' option (generate PERL code) has been changed to '-P'. This is for
compatibility with versions of yacc that use '-p' to specify a new prefix for
generated symbols.

Also, be sure to edit the Makefile. It has changed a bit since 1.8.1

With that out of the way...

The '-p' option is now used to change the prefix of generated symbols to
something other than the default of "yy". See the man page for further

I apologize for breaking any makefiles but, I believe that '-p' for prefix
changing has been around longer than '-p' for generating PERL.

This has been compiled and tested on:

	Amiga 3000 with AmigaDOS 2.1 and SAS C 6.1

	SUN SPARC systems running SunOS 4.1_PSR_A and 4.1.[123] with
	the bundled compiler, gcc 2.3.3, and clcc

Any modifications to make it more portable are welcome.

Please report any bugs to rick@IMD.Sterling.COM

Change History for PERL Berkeley yacc:

1.8	first version of Berkeley yacc 1.8 with PERL support

1.8.1	reformatted Makefile
	add warning about '-r' option with PERL code generation
	escape '$' in state name table in PERL code
	updated PERL version of getdate.y in test directory
	replace a hard coded value of 13 in reader.c with
	'sizeof("$end") + sizeof("$accept")' (let the compiler
	figure out the size)

1.8.2	changed '-p' (PERL) switch to '-P'
	added '-p prefix' switch to allow changing symbol prefix in
	  generated code
	fixed small memory leak in copy_action function in reader.c
	base the name of temporary files on the program name (PROGRAM
	  variable in Makefile) instead of always using a prefix of 'yacc'
	out of memory checks now take place in only 3 functions instead
	  of all over the place (added my_calloc, my_malloc, and
	  my_realloc functions)
	added manpage rule to Makefile that generates a manual page
	  for the name in the Makefile variable PROGRAM. (see Makefile
	  for further details)
	added tests rule to Makefile that runs the new yacc program
	  on the yacc files in the test directory and compares the
	  output to the files in the test directory
	added Makefile to test directory
	updated PERL version of getdate.y in test directory
	ported to the AMIGA using SAS C 6.1
	added library that contains main() and yyerror()


Improvements on Bruce Bahnsen's version of Berkeley Yacc ( so that the Python code actually sort of works



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