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eLife is an open-access journal and technology provider that publishes promising research in the life and biomedical sciences. This is their implementation of a submission and peer review system based on Coko PubSweet and xPub.
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Cooryd 1682 cookie notice (#1706)
* Create wrapper which checks if cookies have been accepted

* create FooterMessage UI component with styleguide implementation]

* fix placement of cookie text

* Button to accept cookie notice added

* unit test the accept click functionality of CookieNotice

* browser test for cookie notice

* Some spacing added to unit tests

* Fix browser tests with the addition of the cookie notice. Add broswer test for the acceptance of cookie notice

* comment that links the notice to journals

* Fix positioning of Learn more link

* client

* fix button style
Latest commit d0c1369 Mar 19, 2019
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assets new relic snippet updated to be SPA specific (#1655) Mar 11, 2019
client 1682 cookie notice (#1706) Mar 19, 2019
config fixed linting warnings Mar 14, 2019
scripts fixed linting warnings Mar 14, 2019
static/fonts Merge pull request #982 from elifesciences/913_assets_styleguide Nov 8, 2018
templates Added punctuation Mar 18, 2019
test 1682 cookie notice (#1706) Mar 19, 2019
tools fixed linting warnings Mar 14, 2019
webpack update titles on pages (#1620) Mar 1, 2019
.babelrc Initial commit 💥 Jun 1, 2018
.dockerignore Initial commit 💥 Jun 1, 2018 Specify a fixed port for Chrome remote debugging Dec 20, 2018
.envrc Initial commit 💥 Jun 1, 2018
.eslintrc remove unicode chars for ejp consumption Feb 21, 2019
.nvmrc chore: added .nvmrc (#1127) Nov 28, 2018
.prettierignore fix: exclude package.json from prettier Jun 1, 2018
Dockerfile Install socat for forwarding inside a container Dec 20, 2018
Dockerfile-base Added base Dockerfile (#1201) Dec 13, 2018
Jenkinsfile Enable browser tests (#1273) Jan 10, 2019
LICENSE Update LICENSE Jun 5, 2018
app.js chore: upgrade pubsweet Sep 28, 2018
docker-compose.override.yml Allow S3_ENDPOINT environment variable (#1117) Nov 28, 2018
docker-compose.yml Allow S3_ENDPOINT environment variable (#1117) Nov 28, 2018
styleguide.config.js Multiple supporting file upload (#1087) Dec 10, 2018
yarn.lock added missing package to yarn.lock Mar 6, 2019

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eLife xPub

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An eLife specific implementation of the xPub submission and peer-review system for scholarly journals. xPub is a journal publishing workflow implementation of PubSweet, an open toolkit for building publishing workflows.

This is a collaboration between eLife and the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), more information in our press release.

This repo contains scripts to synchronise the selected commit of xPub so that it can be deployed to eLife's instance on AWS using This repo will also contain any eLife specific components or configuration.


All documents relevant to this project can be found in the docs folder within the repository.

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