Titillium Web variable font, a fork of Cairo.
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Titillium Web Variable Font

This repo contains the fonts and source files for a remastered variable font containing the full Titillium Web font family. It started as a fork of Cario by Mohamed Gaber, which is a fork of Titillium Web that adds support the Arabic script.

Titillium Web is a contemporary Arabic and Latin typeface family. Mohamed Gaber extended the famous Latin typeface family Titillum Web to support the Arabic script, with a design that is based on the Kufi calligraphic style. It balances classic and contemporary tastes with wide open counters and short ascenders and descenders that minimize length while maintaining easy readability. The lighter weights can be used for body text while the heavier weights are perfect for headlines and display typography. Each font includes stylistic ligatures and the Arabic component has a wide glyph set that supports the Arabic, Farsi and Urdu languages.


basic specimen

Building From Source

To build the fonts and update the specimens, run python sources/BUILD.py from the root directory of this repo. A few dependancies are requiered for this to work, please see the source documentation here. A video demo showing how to use the build script is available here.


Titillium Web is licensed under the SIL Open Font License v1.1 (http://scripts.sil.org/OFL). To view the copyright and specific terms and conditions please refer to OFL.txt

Downloading Font Files (TTF)

Font files are located in the fonts directory: https://github.com/eliheuer/titillium-web-vf/tree/master/fonts

Installation Instructions

Getting Involved

Would you like to contribute to the development of this font? Here is how you can help:

  1. Tell us about any bugs you find, or enhancements you would like to see on the issue tracker: https://github.com/googlefonts/issues

  2. Contribute directly to the fonts. This repository contains a complete set of source files. Make changes and submit a pull request.