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Block for the Gutenberg block creation workshop in WCEU 2019
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WCEU 2019 Block

Block to be created during the Gutenberg block creation workshop on the WordCamp Europe 2019, in Berlin, Germany.

The slides shown during the workshop can be found here.


Clone this repo to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Go to WP Admin > Plugins and activate it.


Go into the cloned directory, and run yarn install to download all dependencies.

Run yarn build to build the block code ready for production.

Run yarn watch to watch and continuously build a development version of the block code.

File structure

The main file, wceu-2019-bloq.php loads the JS and CSS needed for the block, either in the editor or the front end.

The files package.json, webpack.config.js, .babelrc, are needed to download the required JS packages, build the JS and SCSS, and translate ESNext syntax into ES5. The entry point for the build is the file main.js, that import the block definitions and registers each block.

The numbered folders are sequential stages in the the block creation. The folder skill-bar-5 is the final block.

The basics elements of each block are an index.js file that includes the registration of the block with its editing UI and saving routines, plus a companion stylesheet. The block UI is later moved to the edit.js for better readability once it starts to grow.

The final block includes an additional script to load in the font end to set the bar size and thus trigger a CSS animation.

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