Vim configuration files for Elixir
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Elixir support for vim. This plugin also adds support for Elixir's templating language, EEx.

Features included so far:

  • Syntax highlighting for Elixir and EEx
  • Filetype detection for .ex, .exs and .eex files
  • Automatic indentation


Plugin managers

The most common plugin managers include vim-plug, NeoBundle, Vundle and pathogen.vim.

With pathogen.vim, just clone this repository inside ~/.vim/bundle:

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-elixir

With the other plugin managers, just follow the instructions on the homepage of each plugin. In general, you have to add a line to your ~/.vimrc:

" vim-plug
Plug 'elixir-lang/vim-elixir'
" NeoBundle
NeoBundle 'elixir-lang/vim-elixir'
" Vundle
Plugin 'elixir-lang/vim-elixir'

Manual installation

Copy the contents of each directory in the respective directories inside ~/.vim.

Syntastic integration

⚠️ Warning: older versions (<= 3.4.0-106) of Syntastic check Elixir scripts by executing them. In addition to being unsafe, this can cause Vim to hang while saving Elixir scripts. This is not an error in vim-elixir. This issue can be fixed in Syntastic by disabling Elixir checking by default.

If your version of Syntastic is below 3.4.0-107 (16 July 2014), you should update to a newer version.


To run the tests you can run bundle exec rspec

To spawn an interactive Vim instance with the configs from this repo use bin/spawn_vim