The first kata organized by Elixir Roma, happy coding!
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Elixir Katas

  1. hello_world: test the code
  2. fibonacci: fix the test implementing fibonacci series
  3. dining_philosophers: fix the test managing resources


The solutions are contained in different branches, below the list with a minimum of explanations:

  1. hello_world

    1.1. Branch: hw-solution you can test side effects with inversion of control

  2. fibonacci

    2.1. Branch: fib-solution here the simple solution, this solve the first test, but isn't tail recursive, and is slow

    2.2. Branch: fib-solution2 elegant, fast, tail recursive solution

  3. dining_philosophers

    3.1. Branch: dp-solution When the philosopher begins to eat informs the resource manager, if the manager has two free chopsticks he makes him eat, if not it puts the philosopher in a queue. When a philosopher has eaten, he frees the chopsticks, and the resource manager function takes a step of recursion, if there are philosophers in the queue, they will also eat with the following iterations

If you want to read the hello_world solution you can simply checkout the right branch:

$ git checkout hw-solution

Happy hacking!