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MELPA: psalm MELPA stable: psalm

Emacs interface to Psalm, includes checker for Flycheck.

Support version

  • Emacs 24+
  • Psalm latest/dev-master (NOT support 0.9 seriese)
  • PHP 7.1+ or Docker runtime

How to install

Install from MELPA

  1. If you have not set up MELPA, see Getting Started - MELPA.
  2. M-x package-install flycheck-psalm

How to use

For Flycheck user

(defun my-php-mode-setup ()
  "My PHP-mode hook."
  (require 'flycheck-psalm)
  (flycheck-mode t))

(add-hook 'php-mode-hook 'my-php-mode-setup)

For Flymake user

(add-hook 'php-mode-hook #'flymake-psalm-turn-on)

Using Docker

Install Docker. There is currently no official Docker image we can trust, so if you want to use it, you are at your own risk.

If you always use Docker for Psalm, add the following into your .emacs file (~~/.emacs.d/init.el~)

;; Be sure to replace it with a Docker image you trust
(setq-default psalm-docker-image "your/dockerhub-image")
(setq-default psalm-executable 'docker)

Put the following into .dir-locals.el files on the root directory of project.

((nil . ((php-project-root . git)
         (psalm-executable . docker)
         (psalm-working-dir . (root . "path/to/dir"))
         (psalm-config-file . (root . "path/to/dir/psalm-docker.neon"))
         (psalm-level . 7))))

Using composer (project specific)

If your project Composer relies on psalm, you do not need to set anything.

((nil . ((php-project-root . git)
         (psalm-executable . docker)
         (psalm-working-dir . (root . "path/to/dir"))
         (psalm-config-file . (root . "path/to/dir/psalm-docker.neon"))
         (psalm-level . 7))))

Using Composer

Please install vimeo/psalm package for each user environment or project by using Composer.

If you are unfamiliar with resolving dependencies, the following shell commands are recommended.

$ composer global require vimeo/psalm

Using PHAR archive

NOTICE: We strongly recommend using the latest Psalm.

Please download psalm.phar from Releases · vimeo/psalm.


Variables for psalm are mainly controlled by directory variables (.dir-locals.el).

Frequently (root. "path/to/file") notation appears in these variables. It is relative to the top level directory of the project. In general, the directory containing one of .projectile, composer.json, .git file (or directory) is at the top level.

Please be aware that the root directory of the PHP project may NOT match either of Psalm’s %rootDir% and/or %currentWorkingDirectory%.

Typically, you would set the following .dir-locals.el.

((nil . ((php-project-root . auto)
         (psalm-executable . docker)
         (psalm-working-dir . (root . "path/to/dir/"))
         (psalm-config-file . (root . "path/to/dir/psalm-custom.neon"))
         (psalm-level . max))))

If there is a psalm.neon file in the root directory of the project, you do not need to set both psalm-working-dir and psalm-config-file.


Most variables defined in this package are buffer local. If you want to set it for multiple projects, use setq-default.

Local variable psalm-working-dir

Path to working directory of Psalm.

Absolute path to `psalm’ working directory.
  • ex) ~”/path/to/psalm.phar”~
(root . STRING)
Relative path to `psalm’ working directory from project root directory.
  • ex) (root . "path/to/dir")
Use (php-project-get-root-dir) as working directory.

Local variable psalm-config-file

Path to project specific configuration file of Psalm.

Absolute path to psalm configuration file.
(root . STRING)
Relative path to psalm configuration file from project root directory.
Search psalm.neon(.dist) in (psalm-get-working-dir).

Local variable psalm-executable

Absolute path to `psalm’ executable file.
  • ex) ~”/path/to/psalm.phar”~
SYMBOL docker
Use Docker using psalm/docker-image.
(root . STRING)
Relative path to `psalm’ executable file from project root directory.
  • ex) (root . "script/psalm")
Command name and arguments.
  • ex) ("docker" "run" "--rm" "-v" "/path/to/project-dir/:/app" "your/docker-image")
Auto detect psalm executable file by composer dependencies of the project or executable command in PATH environment variable.

Custom variable psalm-flycheck-auto-set-executable

Set flycheck psalm-executable automatically when non-NIL.

Custom variable (local) psalm-show-info

If non-NIL, add --show-info=true option to command line argument. This variable can be overridden locally.


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