mpd CLI client with OSD notifications through DBUS, XOSD or libnotify
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This script acts as a client for a MPD server and displays information about
the current song being played using one of the supported notification backends.
The script doesn't need to be run as a daemon, instead it should be called on 
a per command basis (like mpc). This is useful when the script is bound to 
keyboard shortcuts. It may execute any command supported by the mpd module 
and additionaly "toggle" and "info".

It supports three types of notification:
> Desktop Notifications Specification through DBUS
> XOSD through pyosd
> Desktop Notifications Specification through libnotify

Options can be passed as arguments or can also be fetched from a configuration
file located by default at ~/.mpcosdrc, although a different path may be specified.

The format of the configuration file is as follows:

> Lines beginning with a "#" are ignored
> key = value pairs accepted only

python >= 2.5

  an implementation of the Desktop Notifications Specification 
                              (e.g. notify-osd, xfce4-notifyd)



How to run it
Usage: <options> command

Available options:
    -c, --config        path to mpcosdrc configuration file
    -d, --display       display notification to use: dbus | xosd | libnotify
    -s, --stack         stack notifications, default is not stacked:
                            libnotify always stacks notifications
                            dbus does not stack notifications by default
                            xosd does not support stacking
    -h, --host          mpd server: tcp host | unix socket
    -p, --port          mpd server tcp port

    --font              xosd font
    --color             xosd color
    --help              show this message

Available commands:
    play                play current song
    pause               pause current song
    toggle              toggle play/pause
    stop                stop current song
    info                display information for the current song
    next                next song in playlist
    previous            previous song in playlist
    shuffle             shuffle the playlist