A PHP-based wrapper for running CGI scripts on PHP-enabled hosts.
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PHP CGI Wrapper


PHP CGI Wrapper is a PHP script made to run CGI applications on hosts which don't support CGI. Something similar has been created previously (see http://www.fun2code.de/articles/wrapping_perl_with_php/wrapping_perl_with_php.html), but that lacked support for file uploads thanks to PHP's brilliant idea of disabling access to raw POST data when using multipart/form-data encoding. This wrapper gets around that problem by reconstructing the POST data and feeding it to the application's STDIN.


Create a PHP file for every CGI application you want to wrap using PHP. It should look like this:

require 'cgi_wrapper.php';

The argument of execute_cgi() can be either a relative path (./some-script.pl), an absolute path (like in the example above) or a shell command (python cgi-script.py). In the first two cases, the script will most likely have to be executable by the web server.

See https://github.com/frankusrs/PHP-CGI-Wrapper/wiki for other deployment options, security considerations and so on.


This script is licenced under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License for maximum freedom. See the terms and conditions here: