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MQTT discovery plugin for Domoticz
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* correction on DIMMER brightness, correction on BLINDS (Venetian types
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Domoticz MQTT Discovery plugin with Sonoff-Tasmota extensions

Domoticz Python plugin which implements support for Home-Assistant style MQTT discovery.


  • Switch and dimmer devices will be automatically found and added to Domoticz device database
  • State in Domoticz in synchronized with device state (unlike if using Domoitcz MQTT + "Dummy hardware")
  • Note: Sensors are not yet supported
  • The plugin has some special adaptations for the Tasmota ESP8266 firmware.

Prerequisites (general):

  • Working Domoticz installation
  • Working MQTT server

Prerequisites (Sonoff or other ESP8266 devices with tasmota firmware):

  • Sonoff devices must be flashed with 5.11.1c or newer (must include support for home-assistant style MQTT discovery)
  • Sonoff devices must have Home Assistant Discovery (option 19) set to 1 (setoption19 1)
  • Sonoff devices must be connected to MQTT server, and must have individual topics (by default all devices topic will be set to sonoff, this will not work)
  • Sonoff fulltopic should be reasonable, for example "tasmota/%topic%/%prefix%/"


  • Clone this project into Domoticz 'plugins' folder
  • Restart Domoticz
  • Create hardware of type "MQTT Discovery"
    • Set MQTT IP and port
    • Set "Debug" to "Verbose" for debug log
  • Domoticz should now detect any device running Tasmota firmware
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