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jsCode allows you to generate and share your own JavaScript coding guidelines.

NOTE: This is no longer maintained.

Please refer to and for good guides.

The code is kept here for historical reasons.


You need node.js, redis, and mongo.


# install dev dependencies
npm install -d

# install gulp cli
npm install -g gulp

# build bower/less files
gulp postinstall


Configuration (e.g. database and logging setting per environment) is stored in "boot/config.js".




node app


DEBUG=* node app

Gulp tasks:

# Run 'bower', 'less', and 'jshint' tasks
gulp postinstall

# Runs 'build'

# Run jshint to check syntax of JavaScript files
gulp jshint

# Runs 'clean', 'bower', 'less', 'copy', 'imagemin', 'usemin-css', 'usemin-js', and 'usemin-jade'
gulp build

# Runs 'watch-noreload', and starts a livereload server to automatically refresh your browser when changes are done
gulp watch

# Watches changes to public assets (images, fonts, less/css, js, and jade files) and runs appropriate tasks ('imagemin', 'less'/'usemin-css', 'usemin-js', 'usemin-jade') to parse them
gulp watch-noreload

# Run less to create CSS files
gulp less

# Optimizes and copies images to 'assets/dist/img'
gulp imagemin

# Adds versions to JS files, copying them later to 'assets/dist/js'
gulp usemin-js

# Adds versions to CSS files, optimizes and parses images and CSS files as well, copying them later to 'assets/dist'
gulp usemin-css

# Adds versions to assets in JADE files, optimizes and parses assets, copying them later to 'assets/dist'
gulp usemin-jade

# Cleans 'assets/dist' and 'bower_components' directories
gulp clean

# Copies some static files (favicon, robots.txt, etc) to 'assets/dist'
gulp copy


npm test



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