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This is the source code repository for the Finch project.

What is it

Finch is a simple service that handles scheduled tasks for your apps, services. You can use the developer friendly API to create your tasks to be completed in a future date, periodically repeated. In plain English, you can create tasks like "Send a request to this URL with this JSON body every morning". That could save you a ton of work when just developing a to-do app.

For now it can send HTTP requests with GET, POST methods and request body of your choice, which can be plain text, form or JSON.

How to use it

You can use the Swagger page here to check the endpoints, required fields, expected responses as well as making the actual API calls.

Getting Access Token

To use the API you will need an access token. You can create yourself one using the POST /users endpoint. As a response you will receive the token (JWT).

Authenticating API calls

As you can see in the Swagger page, all endpoints are expecting Authorization header. Value of the Authorization header must be in the format Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN, where ACCESS_TOKEN is the one obtained with the step above.

Running it Yourself

Using Docker and Docker Compose

You need to have docker and docker-compose installed on your system. After that it is as simple as running docker-compose up. Finch will be listening on, so you can access the API using URLs like http://localhost:8081/v1/users.

Finch is using MongoDB and Redis for storing its data, and those services are configured to use volumes in docker-compose.yml. So your data will remain in mongo-data and redis-data folders even if you remove the containers.




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