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Welcome to the emutyworks wiki!

Main Project

  • Learning GB Programming: Car Game
    This is a Game Boy game currently developing in Assembly language.
  • SoundEditor
    This is a tool to check the sound parameters to set in assembly code.
  • SoundDriver
    Sound driver for Game Boy developed in Assembly language. (Generate sound data from DefleMask .DMF file)
  • GBCMapEditor
    Editor to Tile Maps for Game Boy Color.
  • RunLengthEncodeDecode
    Run-length encode binary data with php and decode it with assembly code.
  • GBAddClockCyclesTool
    This tool to add clock cycles of CPU (LR35902) to Game Boy assembly code.
  • Learning GB Programming
    Learning Game Boy programming step by step. Let's start game programming with Assembly language.
  • GBPixelEditor
    Editor to create Sprite/Tile data for Game Boy.

My Project

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