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This repo provides AppStream data to be consumed by GNOME Software. There are 2 flavors of data here:

  • AppStream XML in eos-extra.xml to supplement the data that typically comes from Flatpak repositories. Currently this is used to make specific apps featured in GNOME Software as well as provide Progressive Web Applications.

  • Screenshots and thumbnails that are referenced from AppStream XML. Typically we do this for our own apps but occasionally for 3rd party apps where we've patched the app's XML to use our assets.

GNOME Software External Appstream

GNOME Software is configured in EOS to download external AppStream from a URL that this data is published to. The data in the s3 directory is published to an AWS S3 bucket using the script. An AWS CloudFront CDN has been configured in front of the S3 bucket to improve global distribution.

The URL is configured in the external-appstream-urls key in the gsettings schema. This can be queried with gsettings get external-appstream-urls. At runtime, GNOME Software will download the eos-extra.xml AppStream XML.

GNOME Software Caching

In addition to the external AppStream data downloaded at runtime, eos-image-builder tries to preseed the GNOME Software cache with the XML as well as any screenshots and thumbnails present here. The GNOME Software on-disk cache is organized differently than the external appstream source. Each of the app-info, screenshots and thumbnails directories is copied to disk so that GNOME Software starts with local copies of all the data present here.


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