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ENRAM data repository for vertical profiles of birds
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ENRAM data repository for vertical profiles of birds


On the BALTRAD infrastructure, a vol2bird pipeline generates vertical profiles (vp) of birds from weather radar volume scans for over 100 radars. To archive these data, the European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM) has set up an open data repository at


Browsing the data

You can browse the vp data at, which uses the following directory structure and name conventions:

structure                                   name convention

└── country                                 two-letter code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
    └── radar                               three-letter code (last 3 letters from the ODIM code)
        └── year                            yyyy
            └── month                       mm
                └── day                     dd
                    └── hour                hh
                        └── data file       corad_vp_yyyymmddhhmmss.h5

An overview of the potentially included radars, their location and codes can be found on this OPERA radar map. The vp h5 data files follow the ODIM bird profile format specification.

In addition to separate data files, a zip file is provided for every radar/month combination (, which is more convenient to download. These zips can be found in the year directories (e.g. here).

The repository also provides a calendar heatmap to quickly visualize data coverage for a radar/year combination. It can also be found in the year directories (e.g. here) and is based on the expected files vs the actual files in the data repository.

Data access via R

vp files can be downloaded programmatically with the R package bioRad. This function reference explains how to do so.

File transfer to the data repository

See file_transfer for code and documentation.



List of contributors


MIT License

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