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Zend Framework + ExtJS - Building Agile Applications

This is a set of examples showing you how to do various things with the powerful combination of Zend Framework (PHP) and ExtJS (Javascript MVC) including:

  • Making a basic ExtJS MVC application
  • Working with widgets
  • Using Layouts
  • User authentication
  • Unit testing your ExtJS apps

These examples also include a more complete application (example9), a multi-user chat application.

This is a part of a presentation given at the Dutch PHP Conference 2012 (http://phpconference.nl).

Setting up a Zend Framework instance

  1. Unpack the download from http://framework.zend.com

  2. Set the environment variable to the path to ZF (bash version):

    • export ZEND_TOOL_INCLUDE_PATH=/www/htdocs/frameworks/ZendFramework-1.11.11/library
  3. Create the basic Zend Framework application:

    • zf.sh create project [name]