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We are epilot, an innovative energy SaaS from Cologne


  1. sdk-js sdk-js Public

    javascript epilot-sdk

    TypeScript 17 5

  2. docs docs Public

    Developer Documentation

    JavaScript 11 3

  3. engineering-principles engineering-principles Public

    Core principles for epilot engineers

    Shell 54 7

  4. hiring hiring Public

    Jobs at epilot

    12 1

  5. aws-lambda-utility-middlewares aws-lambda-utility-middlewares Public

    AWS Lambda Utility Middlewares, a repository designed to host a collection of useful AWS Lambda Utilities developed by our team, which may be beneficial to the broader community.

    TypeScript 2

  6. openapi-multimock openapi-multimock Public

    A mock tool to mock multiple APIs with OAS definitions

    JavaScript 5


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