Various more or less useful icinga plugins, written by me or collected from somewhere
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Icinga plugins

This folder/repository/thing you're looking at contains various Icinga plugins I have collected or written over time. All my own plugins are GPL licensed, the other plugins' licences can be seen in the respective files.

At the moment, the following plugins exist:

  • check_amavis: Used to fetch various bits of information from amavisd's snmp.db. Includes the time the various components took to scan mails and the number of messages processed.
  • Uses /proc/stat to get CPU usage
  • Get available kernel entropy
  • check_fail2ban: See how many users were captured by fail2ban jails
  • check_lm_sensors: Use lmsensors to check hardware data
  • Extracts various bits of information from nginx's /nginx_status page
  • Check if a process that created a pid file is still running
  • check_postfix_processed2: Check the number of messages sent by postfix
  • check_postfix_queue: Count the number of mails stuck in the various postfix queues
  • Wrapper for check_procs that outputs the number of processes as performance data
  • check_sftp_usage: Check fs usage via sftp (written for Hetzner's backup servers)
  • check_smart: Get lots of SMART data from a disk
  • Use the number of open file descriptors as a crude method of finding out how many clients a tor node currently services
  • Check current traffic on ethernet interfaces. Does not support IPv6 yet and needs an IPTables rule.

Where applicable, the plugins produce performance data suitable for pnp4nagios or similar tools.

Need anything? Contact me at