Game story scripting language
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A Game Story Scripting Language written by Erik Svedäng.
Requires the Relay database to work. Contains Textmate and Notepad++ bundles for syntax highlighting.


# 0. Comments start with a '#'

# 1. Make someone say something
Charlie "What time is it?"

# 2. Player is presented with dialogue options
	"It's 5.30":
		Charlie "Ok, gotta run!"
	"I don't know":
		Charlie "Oh, thanks anyway"

# Choices can also be written without the CHOICE-word (deprected but saved for compatibility)
		Charlie "OK"
		Charlie "OK"

# 3. Jump to places marked with [ ] in the same file
Charlie "I will not say this"
Charlie "We meet again" [MEET_AGAIN]

# 4. Control the flow by checking expressions in the dialogue runner
IF Charlie.IsSleepy() {
	Charlie "Yawn"
ELIF Charlie.IsHungry() {
	Charlie "I want pizza..."
	Charlie "Let's go party!"

# 5. Start other dialogue files
START AnotherWorldCinematic

# 6. Wait here until an expression becomes true (accepts strings, numbers and plain tokens)
WAIT Charlie.IsInRoom(Corridor)

# 7a. Register a block of code that will execute when an event happens
LISTEN DisasterousEvent {
	START EverybodyScreams
# An event listener can be given a name for later reference, like this:
LISTEN DisasterousEvent DisasterEventListener {
	START EverybodyScreams

# 7b. Wait here until an event is sent out
LISTEN BetterTimes

# 8. Send out an event

# 9. Call a function in the dialogue runner (accepts strings, numbers and plain tokens)
Monkey.Eat(Banana, "Munch munch", 5.0)

# 10. Stop the execution of the script and unregister all listeners it contains

# Stopping another conversation works too
STOP AnotherConversation

# 11. Unregister event listeners with a specific name in the same file
CANCEL DisasterEventListener

# 12. Check an expression and throw and exception if it's not true
ASSERT EveryoneIsSane()

# 13. Start script X and stop execution of the current script until script X has stopped

# 14. Combine WAIT for expression with LISTEN for event
WAIT IsNice() AND IsSummer() LISTEN IceCreamTime {
	Dude "Let's eat ice cream!"

# 15. Wait for a certain time (in seconds)

# Notes on syntactical sugar:
# Expressions and functions can be written in two ways
# is the same thing as 
TeleportTo(Player, StartPosition)
# Both of these ways of writing will send the same two arguments to the 'TeleportTo' function