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iOS implementation of the Fizmo Z-machine interpreter
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FizmoLocales Bumped locale files.
IosFizmo.xcodeproj Minimum deployment target is iOS 4.3, for current Xcode.
Media Rewhacked bar-button styles for iOS7.
Resources Allow more room for the brightness slider (for iOS7). (On iOS6, it ju…
TerpSrc Declared some methods, to cut down on compiler warnings.
WebSite Fizmo is no longer pre-release.
fizmo @ 292d353 Submodule bump.
iosglk @ b5ce7ee Submodule bump.
.gitmodules Update to relative submodule URLs, and fix the docs.
Default-568h@2x.png The top right button should be a keyboard, not a pen.
Default-Landscape.png Have some launch images.
Default-New-568h@2x.png New launch images for iOS7.
Default-New-Landscape.png New launch images for iOS7.
Default-New-Portrait.png New launch images for iOS7.
Default-New@2x.png New launch images for iOS7.
Default-Portrait.png Have some launch images.
Default.png Have some launch images.
Default@2x.png New launch images for iOS7.
Game.z5 Keyboard icon for game and notes screens
Icon-40@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-50.png Generic IF compass icon
Icon-50@2x.png Generic IF compass icon
Icon-60@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-72.png New icon sizes.
Icon-72@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-76.png New icon sizes.
Icon-76@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small-50.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small-50@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon.png New icon sizes.
Icon@2x.png New icon sizes.
IosFizmo-Info.plist New launch images for iOS7.
IosFizmo-Prefix.pch Set up a neat hack for a gradient background.
doc-app-building.txt Update to relative submodule URLs, and fix the docs.
fizmo-config.h Add a couple of fizmo config lines.
iTunesArtwork New icon sizes.
main.m Copyright date bump


IosFizmo -- an IosGlk port of the Fizmo Z-machine interpreter.
Designed by Andrew Plotkin <>
Home site: <>

This project is a combination of two subprojects: Fizmo (a portable
Z-machine interpreter) and IosGlk (an iOS display library for interactive
fiction). Please see the README information in the "fizmo" and "iosglk"

In addition, this project contains:

- IosFizmo.xcodeproj: The Xcode project file.
- IosFizmo-Info.plist: Some important app configuration information.
- IosFizmo-Prefix.pch: Header file containing iOS includes.
- fizmo-config.h: Header file containing Fizmo configuration defines.
- main.m: Top-level function for the app.

- fizmo (subdirectory): Source code for the Fizmo interpreter (Christoph
  Ender). This is the portable Z-code interpreter engine.
- iosglk (subdirectory): Source code for the iOS Glk display library. This
  is the general iOS display library. (This directory contains its own Xcode
  project file, but you should ignore that.)
- TerpSrc (subdirectory): Source code specifically for iOS Fizmo. This
  glues together fizmo and iosglk, and also handles the four app tabs.
- Resources (subdirectory): All of the interface layout files. These define
  the appearance of the screens and menus in the app. (For more resources,
  see iosglk/Resources.)
- Media (subdirectory): Interface graphics for the interpreter. Buttons and
  icons. (See also iosglk/Media.)
- WebSite (subdirectory): HTML files for the in-app "help" and "license
  information" screens.
- FizmoLocales (subdirectory): Localized text for Fizmo error messages.
  (These are extracted from the fizmo directory, but you don't have to
  worry about that.)

- Icon.png, Icon-*.png: The iOS icons. There are a whole bunch of these,
  in different sizes.
- iTunesArtwork: The cover art image. This is a PNG file, even though it
  lacks the .png suffix.
- Default.png, Default-*.png: The iOS launch images. These appear as the
  app is starting up. (Default.png is for iPhone; the other two are for
- Game.z5: The game file. This is Colossal Cave.

- README: This file.
- doc-app-building.txt: A guide to building and releasing an IosFizmo
  game app. (Read online: <> )

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