uii is a collection of shell scripts for the minimal irc client ii
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uii – usable irc it

    uii is a wrapper for the minimalistic irc client irc it.
    if ii is not running and connected to a server, it will be started.

    uii uses iiinotify, a shell script that uses inotify to monitor irc directory.
    for messages not displayed in an existing uii instance, a notification is shown.

    uii server [channel] [nickname] [password]

    to quit uii, input ^C.

    the file $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/uii/logins should contain three space-delimited values per line, represening server, username and password.
    configuration values are used only if no command line options for nickname and password are given.

    uii depends on awk, ii, inotifywait, lsof, nohup, pgrep, ping, rlwrap, sed, sh, stdbuf and tput.
    iiinotify depends on notify-send and uii.

    on a debian-based system, you should be able to install all of them using:
    apt-get install coreutils dash ii inotify-tools iputils-ping libnotify-bin lsof mawk ncurses-bin procps rlwrap sed

    - channels with slashes in them are not accessible (due to ii fail).
    - (u)rxvt may produce artifacts when uii output scrolls.
    - resizing the terminal fucks up the layout.
    - uii has no channel nick name list.

    uii is licensed under the GPL, either version 3 or any later versiona as published by the FSF.
    uii was written by Nils Dagsson Moskopp (erlehmann).