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# BookmarkletHelper #

This is a CakePHP helper to add a "Post it!" bookmarklet in your view.
You know, those nice javascript you can add to the browser's bookmarks bar;
the user can submit a selected portion of any webpage, along with the original title and url
to an action in your cakephp app (to save it, pre-fill a form, and so on)

version 0.1.0

requirements: PHP5 / CakePhp 2.0
(should be easy to convert it to cakephp 1.3)

MIT License (

## Features ##
Renders a "Post it!" link, with the needed javascript, to grab content form webpages
(selected html or plain text, plus page Title and url)

## Usage: ##
1] (as a plugin in your app/Plugin directory or in CAKEROOT/plugins) load the plugin:
    in app/config/bootsrap.php add
    (or CakePlugin::loadAll();)

    include the helper in your controller (or in AppController if needed everywhere in your app) as usual;
    public $helpers = array([your helpers ...],'Bookmarklet.Bookmarklet');

    or simply copy the helper file in your app/View/Helper folder amd include it
    public $helpers = array([your helpers ...],'Bookmarklet');

2] Optionally set your default options in your config file or in bootstrap.php:

   $config['Bookmarklet'] = array(
       'title' => "drag this to your browser's bookmarks bar",
       'text'  => 'Post it!', //text displayed
       'class' => null, //css class to style the link
       'destination' => array('controller' => 'posts','action' => 'bookmarklet'), //HtmlHelper::link() compatible target url - array or string
       'html_version' => true // if false grab only the selected (plain) text, default grab the selected portion as original html

3] in your view / element, call render() method with custom options (overriding the dafault ones) as needed

echo $this->Bookmarklet->render($options);

You'll probably need to restrict access to the receiving action - only authenticated/authorized users should be able to post something.
If you lose the session when coming back from another domain/host, first of all check your session and security settings in app/Config/core.php

Well, write something to tell your users how to use it, and write your receiving action..
 * just an example 
class PostsController extends AppController {
    public $helpers = array('Bookmarklet.Bookmarklet');
    function beforeFilter() {

    public function dashboard(){
        //just rendering the view with the 

    //get the data and manage it
    public function bookmarklet () {            
            if(!$this->Auth->loggedIn()) {
                //do your authorization check..

                $this->Session->setFlash('No no no! You should be authenticated before using the bookmarklet!');
            $data['Post']['title'] = $title = $this->request->query['title'];
            $intro = $this->request->query['intro'];
            $link = $this->request->query['link'];
            $url_parsed = parse_url($link);
            $domain = 'http://'.$url_parsed['host'];                                  
            //assure images and links have absolute urls
            $intro = preg_replace("#(<\s*a\s+[^>]*href\s*=\s*[\"'])(?!http)([^\"'>]+)([\"'>]+)#", '$1'.$domain.'/$2$3', $intro);
            $intro = preg_replace("#(<\s*img\s+[^>]*src\s*=\s*[\"'])(?!http)([^\"'>]+)([\"'>]+)#", '$1'.$domain.'/$2$3', $intro);
            $data['Post']['body'] = '<p><strong>[Original post:<em>< a href="'.$link.'">'.$title.'</a></em>]</strong></p>';
            $data['Post']['body'] .= $intro;
            $data['Post']['body'] .= '<p><strong>[View whole (original) post: <em><a href="'.$link.'">'.$title.'</a></em>]</strong></p>';
            //$data['Content']['summary'] .= $truncated;
            //$data['Content']['whole_content'] = $content;  
            //just using debug to display collected data
             * do what you need with the data, instead
             * i.e. Sanitize and save;
             * call an action to rendere a pre-filled add form;
             * etc.

echo "drag/save to your bookmarks. Clicking it while you are logged in submits the title, web address and selected text/images etc. to this site <br />";
$this->Bookmarklet->render(array('title' => 'Post it'));

echo '<br / > or: <br/>';

$this->Bookmarklet->render(array('title' => 'Post it, plain text', 'html_version' => false));



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