/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ltomcrypt (compiling on ubuntu 9.1) #68

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I'm trying (and failing) to compile the master branch on ubuntu 9.1.

When I try to make DEBUG=1 I get this error:

[CC] WebKitHtmlWnd.cpp
[CC] wxListCtrlEx.cpp
[LD] e.debug
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ltomcrypt
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [e.debug] Error 1

A quick googling doesn't really tell tell me anything other than I need to find an ltomcrypt lib, though I'm not exactly sure where to look.
There seems to be a similarly named project on freshmeat but the website's domain expired recently.


-l is a compiler option to search for a library file. tomcrypt is the name of the library file. In linux, the filename will typically be libtomcrypt.so . You can typically find it in /lib, /usr/lib, or /usr/local/lib (or any subdirectory inside of them).

If you want to find it quickly, run:
locate libtomcrypt

and it will probably find it (If it complains that the database is old, first run:
sudo updatedb

First, make sure that libtomcrypt was downloaded correctly (I know their site has been down for a bit, so the script might not have downloaded the archive correctly). Run:
less external/arch/cr*
less external/arch/ltm*
Make sure both display junk, that theyre binary files. If display as html, you need to rerun the get and build externals scripts.

Also, you may need to install libtomcrypt with something like:
sudo apt-get install libtomcrypt-devel libtommath-devel


The files were full of html junk so did a bit of googling and found (a helpful article)[http://www.zuhaib.in/how-to/building-and-running-etexteditor-on-ubuntu-64-bit] with links to a download mirror for the files


And fyi there aren't any apt packages named libtomcrypt-devel or libtommath-devel

libtomcrypt-dev was the closest I got but ubuntu refused to install it

All of the above solved my problem but I've now got a new problem which I'll create a separate issue for.

Thanks for your help ajpalkovic!

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