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Project Object Model (POM) generation for the Kobalt build system


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pom2xml plug-in for Kobalt

License (3-Clause BSD) release Build Status CircleCI Download

The plug-in will generate a Project Object Model (POM) XML file for your project.

To use the plug-in include the following in Build.kt:

import net.thauvin.erik.kobalt.plugin.pom2xml.*

val bs = buildScript {

val p = project {
    name = "example"
    group = "com.example"
    artifactId = name
    version = "0.1"

    pom2xml {


To invoke the pom2xml task:

./kobaltw pom2xml

The pom.xml file will be created in the project's directory.

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The following optional configuration parameters are available.

Attribute Description
loc The directory location to save the POM file to, defaults to the project directory.
name The name of the POM file, defaults to pom.xml.

For example:

    pom2xml {
        name = "pom-test.xml"
        loc = "foo/bar"