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A simple, powerful, plugin system for adding new API endpoints or custom functionality to you Spring project. Oftentimes there are conflicting requirements from different clients utilizing a common main application. The required custom functionality needed is often easy to do with a few lines of code, but is not acceptable to add to your main code-base. With Lamebda you can load either precompiled or source files (Groovy/Java) for adding custom functionality.

It Really Whips The Lambda's Ass!

Example use-cases

  • Ad-hoc API services and integration projects - Changes in the integration code can evolve freely from the core service
  • Transactional support across multiple API calls
  • Batch multiple API calls to avoid chatty data exchange
  • API prototyping
  • A powerful support tool for extracting data or changing state (think JMX on steroids)

Getting started

Integrating with your project

NOTE: If you want to try the bleeding edge, please add this snapshot repository


Usage with Spring Boot and Spring MVC

Add dependency to your pom.xml


Add the following properties to


Project configuration

  • - Human-readable name of the project. Optional.
  • project.base-packages - The base packages that Spring IOC container is scanning

Setup a project folder

Create a project folder. This folder is a logical grouping for your API functions. We will go with the create test for now. We now have the folder /var/lib/lamebda/test.

Add your first script

  1. Create a folder for the functions in the test project: /var/lib/lamebda/test/src/main/groovy/com/acme

  2. Add a simple script in the scripts folder:

class MyController {
    def get(@PathVariable("id") int id) {
        return [requested: id]

Please note that you can also write code in good ol' Java! Make sure you then put it in src/main/java/com/acme.

Add com.acme as base-package in your project.base-packages=com.acme

Access your first function

Your function should be available under /gateway/test/my/123

Built in functions

  • /<servlet>/gateway/test/status/ - Simple status page showing loaded controllers


Powerful server application plugin with live reload




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