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hexo-tag-hint screenshot

hexo-tag-hint is a plugin for Hexo that parses hint tags, which translate into a normal post content but will additionally show up a floating tooltip containing preset hint text when getting hovered or clicked. It's achieved by wrapping around and slightly tweaking the hint.css pure-css tooltip library.

Basic Syntax

Insert this little EJS snippet anywhere you want to show your hints:

{% hint 'body_text' 'hint_text' %}

Where hint acts as the identifier of this tag, body_text is the normal post body text, hint_text is the text content inside hint bubble.

Example Usage

Here's some handy example to help you quickly catch on:

{% hint 'Hexo' 'A fast, simple & powerful blog framework' %}
{% hint 'I\'m a Text' 'I\'m the Hint' %}
{% hint 'misfits' 'hexo-tag-hint' %}

The last one snippet behaves just like the screenshot above. Just note sometimes it's necessary to use \' to escape ' (single quote).

Installation Instructions

It takes only one command to integrate this plugin into your Hexo package:

$ npm install hexo-tag-hint --save

Execute this line of command in your Hexo project directory, then it's done! 🎉

Update Plugin

To update the plugin, execute the command below:

$ npm update hexo-tag-hint


hexo-tag-hint is free and open source under the GNU AGPLv3.

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 E-Tiger Studio


Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Kushagra Gour