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ETJump is a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory trickjump modification.

Build Status


ETJump is compiled on Windows on MSVC toolset v140.
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 has to be installed in order to run the binaries on Windows. Redistributable can be downloaded from
Linux binaries are compiled on Ubuntu 14.04.

Required environment variables

  • ETROOT Path to the ET installation directory.
  • GOOGLE_TEST_ROOT Path to the Google Test framework installation directory.
  • BOOST_ROOT Path to the Boost library installation directory.


ETJump currently depends on 3 libraries that must be installed before ETJump can be compiled: SQLite3, Boost and Google Test.

  • SQLite3 can be installed on Ubuntu by running the command sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev. On Windows it works out of the box. Once we clean up the CMakeLists.txt, it should work out of the box on Ubuntu as well.
  • Boost version 1.60.0 can be downloaded from Only header files are used. BOOST_ROOT environment variable should point to the Boost directory (e.g. /Path/To/Boost/boost_1_60_0).
  • Google Test can be downloaded from It must be compiled and the gtest.lib library must be moved to the googletest-release-..*/lib directory. GOOGLE_TEST_ROOT environment variable should point to the googletest-release directory.

Building pk3 and debugging on Windows

ETJump requires 7zip for the installation script.

Visual Studio project has a post-build event that will execute the build/install.bat to create the pk3 using 7zip.exe. Built pk3 will then be copied to $(ETROOT)/etjump directory. Starting the Debug mode will execute $(ETROOT)/et.exe and attach to it.

Unit testing

ETJump uses Google Test framework for unit testing. Some newer parts of the mod have unit tests. New features should have unit tests. More info on how to write and run tests can be found at

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