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Module based Instant Messenger
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Merge pull request #348 from nico-izo/historyHook

[core][chatsession] Added HistoryHook.
latest commit ca841a699a
@euroelessar authored
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artwork @ 2910de9 Some polishing
config [MeeGo] Add emoticons support
core [core] Added HistoryPriority for HistoryHook
debian_fremantle [Maemo] Fix contactmodel packaging
debian_harmattan [MeeGo] Bugfixes
deployment Deployment update
modules [All] Fixed installation of resources and libraries
plugins Merge pull request #347 from nico-izo/blogimproverFixes
protocols * update vreen
qbs @ d6f3317 Submodules sync
qml [QuickChat] Introduced selectable themes
translations @ 2e9c16c [QuickChat] Implemented a lot of stuff
.gitignore [git] Add win files to .gitignore
.gitmodules Use k8json from GitHub
AUTHORS [Core] Updated AUTHORS file
CCBYSA License files movement from core/ to source's root path
COPYING [Core] Updated COPYING file Cpack generator fix
ChangeLog Release 0.3.1
GPL License files movement from core/ to source's root path
README.mediawiki Added README file. Added nsis package generator (draft)
codestyle.xml New global config system Complete rename vkit to vreen
qutim.qbs [AutoReply] Settings moved to QML Update


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