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  • 0.3
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@gsergiu gsergiu released this Jul 6, 2020

This release includes the following new functionality:

  • improved support for transcriptions using FullText resources
  • synchronization of transcriptions within the fulltext index
  • wskey verification using APIKey API
  • JWT token based authentication and authorization
  • provider removed from annotation IDs
  • support for rights statements in Transcriptions
  • support for dereference profile (dereferenciation of entities included in Semantic Tags)
  • tagging using embedded Addresses
  • tagging using embedded Persons
  • support for WebResources in target (i.e . source and scope)
  • migration to Solr 7.7.2
  • Oauth support based on JWT Tokens (i.e. generated by Keycloak)
  • updated naming of solr fields
  • language filtering for language maps (only used for dereference profile)
  • generator and creator automatically generated based on the JWT tokens

This release includes the following bugfixes and non functional improvements:

  • fixed initialization of Annotaion ID sequence
  • fixed JDK 11 compatibility
  • code refactorings including removal deprecated or redundant code (tag management, VCAP configurations, management of providers and client applications, usertoken parameter)
  • removed accept-charset header from API responses
  • use of Junit5 and log4j2

Jira Tickets:

Github Tickets:

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Jul 6, 2020


Merge pull request #267 from europeana/develop
vesion update to 0.3

@gsergiu gsergiu released this Jan 29, 2018 · 245 commits to develop since this release

This release includes the following new functionality:

  • Support for the transcription use case (e.g. Europeana 14-18)
  • Support for annotating images
  • Batch upload (create/update) of annotations
  • Custom ordering of fields in JSON-LD serialization
  • Enhanced locking functionality
  • Support for SOCKS proxies and Secure (SSL) Mongo connection.
  • Support for validating API Key against the Europeana API Key Service (still not activated in this version).
  • Enhanced CORS support
  • Support for API key authentication using the Authorization HTTP header
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@gsergiu gsergiu released this Jan 29, 2018 · 340 commits to develop since this release

included the swich to release version of api-commons

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@hugomanguinhas hugomanguinhas released this May 16, 2017 · 341 commits to develop since this release

In this release we have:

  • added support for the search profiles
  • adjusted pageSize limits for search to make them configurable and profile dependent
  • made several improvements to exception handling: responding with proper error codes and understandable error messages that can be configured through property files.
  • migrated the provider and user configurations to MongoDB.
  • revised the fields used for search and faceting, and fixed some issues.
  • fixed the PUT method to be less restrictive.
  • added support for asynchronuous indexing.
  • added support for canonical identifiers
  • added a method to support the update all references to record identifiers following changes in the main Europeana reference database
  • added support for write locks to the API for maintenance purposes.
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@rgardien rgardien released this Dec 19, 2016 · 449 commits to develop since this release

In this release we have:

  • Removed the (Java) Exception class from error messages, all error messages only show what's happening in friendly ways now.
  • Updated the logic of the "generator" class in annotations. The minimised version (single value) can contain both a name or URI. The expanded version can contain an "id" (must be a URI) and/or "name" property.
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@rgardien rgardien released this Oct 31, 2016 · 470 commits to develop since this release

In this release we mostly fixed some bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where the "items" listing in the search method did return a string for single-item results instead of a list.
  • Allowed Cross-Origin Domain requests to the Swagger API spec, to power the Annotations API API console.
  • Added utf-8 headers to all JSON-LD output to ensure response is properly formatted.
  • Fixed a bug where requesting facets could return an exception.
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@rgardien rgardien released this Oct 4, 2016 · 498 commits to develop since this release

In this release we've updated the API specification in line with the latest Candidate Recommendation release of the Web Annotations Protocol. This means that in the search method, many fields and structures have changed which are not backwards compatible. The good news is that since the latest protocol is a Candidate Recommendation, this should be the last Major change which breaks backwards compatibility.

Overview of changes:

  • Renamed the "contains" field to "items".
  • Add an "isPartOf" element to the search output to indicate information about the search result set with the total number of items ("total") and the URI of the search query ("id").
  • Changed the value of "type" to "AnnotationPage".
  • Added support for "next" and "prev" in the search output to indicate the URIs for the next and previous pages of search results (if applicable).
  • Added an "id" field to the search output with the URI of the search results (first page).
  • Renamed "totalItems" to "total" with the number of items on the current search result page (the total number of search results is in "total" in the "isPartOf" element.
  • To control the number of search results per page, use the "pageSize" parameter (defaults to 10).
  • To control the page (to paginate), use the "page" parameter, which defaults to 0 (first page).
  • The "rows" parameter to control the number of total search results has been deprecated (for now).
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@rgardien rgardien released this Aug 15, 2016 · 508 commits to develop since this release

In this release we have improved our search for annotations, which allows you to search for other fields than those were already available. We also updated some of the names of the search fields.

  • New: the ability to search for annotations based on the generator (id and name, fields: generator_id, generator_name).
  • Change: updated the fields for target_record_ids to target_id and motivation_key to motivation. This applies to both search & faceting.
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@rgardien rgardien released this Jul 4, 2016 · 520 commits to develop since this release

With this release we further stabilised the Annotations API and addressed some feedback from the Alpha version. This version is a further iteration of the Public Alpha.

New features:

  • Support for geo-tagging, you can now submit geo-tags to the Annotations API for geographical information,

We've also updated the API to reflect the latest updates on the Web Annotation Model. Make sure to update your API clients accordingly:

  • The @ has been removed from all fields except for @context.
  • The simple tagging scenario without language information should use the_bodyValue_ field to represent the tag. You can no longer send a literal as body anymore in this scenario.
  • The semantic tagging scenario does now accept a URI resource directly in the body field.
  • The annotation type has been updated from oa:Annotation to just Annotation.
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