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🍡 Vue.js 2 library for dropdowns / popovers / tooltips
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npm version

Vue.js popover

Live demo here


npm install vue-js-popover --save


import Vue      from 'vue'
import Popover  from 'vue-js-popover'



<button v-popover:foo>Toggle popover</button>

<popover name="foo">
  Hello 🎉


<button v-popover="{ name: 'foo' }">Toggle popover</button>


Plugin contains a simple wrapper for Tooltip. To use it you will have to:

Set tooltip flag in your main.js:

import VPopover from 'vue-js-popover'
Vue.use(VPopover, { tooltip: true })

Include tooltip component anywhere in the application:


Assign message to any element:

<button v-popover:tooltip="'This is a string value'">My butt0n</button>

Tooltip component is simple af - 33 lines of code (mostly declarations). It demonstrates how easily you can create new things using the provided tool.


props: {
  /* Tooltip name.                           */
  name:    { type: String,  required: true   },
  width:   { type: Number,  default: 180     },
  /* If set - will show a tiny tip.          */
  pointer: { type: Boolean, default: true    },
  /* Name of the event which triggeres 
     showing/hiding of the popover.
     Possible values are: 'click', 'hover'.  */  
  event:   { type: String,  default: 'click' }


You can use .left, .right, .top, .bottom modifiers to set the position of the popover.


<button v-popover:info.right>Edit (show popover right)</button> 

<button v-popover.left="{ name: 'info' }">Edit</button>


Popover components have data-popover="name" argument that allows to apply styles to it.


<popover name="foo" :pointer="false">Bar</popover>
div[data-popover="foo"] {
  background: #444;
  color: #f9f9f9;

  font-size: 12px;
  line-height: 1.5;
  margin: 5px;
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