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Moonwave is a command line tool for generating documentation from comments in Lua source code.

This repository contains three projects:

  • The Moonwave Extractor, a Rust program that parses Lua files and extracts the docs as JSON
  • A plugin for Docusaurus, written in React, which displays the JSON docs visually
  • The Moonwave CLI, which allows you to use both the extractor and the Docusaurus plugin without needing to know anything about how they work.

Key features

  • Easy to use: You can generate a website with little-to-no configuration and just a few comments in your Lua code.
  • Extensive validation system which can catch mistakes when something doesn't make sense.
  • Generates JSON from your doc comments, which can be consumed by many different tools.
  • Simple doc comment format that is easy to read directly when editing your code.


Check out the roblox-lua-promise docs. This website is completely generated by Moonwave!


Lua is the moon. The moon is your code. The moon influences the waves in the ocean, just like your code influences its documentation. So.. moonwave!


Check out the Documentation website

Building in Development and Contributing


  1. Clone this repository
  2. in cli, run npm i, npm run tsc, and npm link
  3. in docusaurus-plugin-moonwave, run npm i
  4. in extractor, run cargo install --path . --locked
  5. in cli, run npm run dev
  6. in another terminal, navigate to the project you want to test with, and run MOONWAVE_DEV=1 moonwave dev

You should now be able to change files in the moonwave folder and things should live-reload on your development website. If they don't, Ctrl+C the moonwave dev terminal and restart it. If you continue to have issues, try adding the -i flag to reinstall all dependencies.


Moonwave is available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. Terms and conditions are available in LICENSE.txt or at