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banner Renamed revelations_blue to default so there is a default banner. Nov 30, 2009
cache Updated README and checksums for R4.4.2.0 Nov 17, 2018
cron SSO: Introduce max number of failed SSO attempts to config Nov 13, 2018
img Added fitting panel for 4-subsystem T3 Cruisers Aug 6, 2017
install SSO: Introduce max number of failed SSO attempts to config Nov 13, 2018
mods extended ajcron with 1 additional format Aug 25, 2018
packages/database Updated EDK to and CCPDB to Onslaught 1.0.20181113 Nov 13, 2018
themes added keepstar to valuefetcher and removed evecentral sync Jul 25, 2018
.gitignore - removed last XML API classes Feb 17, 2018
.htaccess Add new image handling system Feb 16, 2011
blank_kbconfig.php Initial import of EDK 2.0.2 Aug 1, 2009
doxygen.txt Updated version number to May 2, 2018
gpl.txt Lineendings: Converted all text/code files to unix lineendings Mar 23, 2014
index.php Set default timezone for EDK to "UTC" May 10, 2018
sig.php Cleanup: Replaced all tab stops with 4 blanks Mar 29, 2017
thumb.php Cleanup: Replaced all tab stops with 4 blanks Mar 29, 2017


Eve Development Network Killboard v4.4.2.0

- Webserver (Apache, IIS)
- PHP 5.6+
- Mysql 5+
- GD 2 or higher


- Upload the whole package to a webhost
- Point your webbrowser to /install inside the
- Follow the instructions
- Don't forget to delete the install folder after
    installation or restrict the access to it!
- Have fun ;)

o/ EVE Development Network


Updated EDK to and CCPDB to Onslaught 1.0.20181113
Update ESI client with _latest version on 2018-11-13

SSO: Introduce max number of failed SSO attempts to config
IDFeed: New json output now observes configured ESI host and data source
ZKBFetch: Updated to work with recent changes in ZKB API which only returns the kill ID, hash and some other context information, but no longer the complete kill data. Updated zKBFetch versio
extended ajcron with 1 additional format
extend idfeed with json for single killmails and ids/hashes
added keepstar to valuefetcher and removed evecentral sync
ZKBFetch: Properly recognize errors thrown by zKB API (with HTTP 200)

Fix for zkBFetch error recognition
Corp Details: Fixed displaying shares
Alliance Details: Fixed displaying ally ticker

Updated EDK to and CCPDB to Into The Abyss 1.0.20180529
Cleanups for PHP7.2 compatibility

Set default timezone for EDK to "UTC"
Added customized configuration for EDK ESI client library
Created new ESI Client from _latest as of 20180529
ESI name resolution: Reduced number of IDs per call
ESIFetch: Implemented pagination
Added proper faction check for corporations

Respect ID count limit when resolving entity IDs with /universe/names
zKBFetch: Sort results from zKB API due to missing orderDirection modifier
ZKBFetch: Removed orderDirection API URL modifier
Fix for breaking ESI changes: Resolve entity IDs using universe/names
Fix: Fetch unknown weapon type IDs for attackers from ESI
ESISSO: Increased database column width holding the refreshTokens to 1024
ESIFetch: Fixed wrong "Did not get any kills" message
ESIFetch: Enhanced error message if refresh token is invalid
Fixed viewing faction details
ZKBFetch: Fixed bug leading to potential hang while fetching
ESIParser: Fix for old kills with legacy containers or no coordinates
Fixed error reporting for SSO admin page

Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-120-3 1.0.20180502
Support ESI for fetching kills
Use ESI for item value updates
Remove old XML API and CREST completely - they are now shutdown by CCP and down work anymore!

Installer: Updated minimum PHP version (and check) to 5.6
Installer: Updated Eve-Dev URL to evekb.org in page footer
Generated new ESI client library from _latest 20180502
ESI Link posting: Allowed legacy ESI link for zKB link support
SSO: Added setting to only allow board owners to register for ESI fetching
Updated readme file for cron jobs with cron for ESI fetching
Added PHP version check to auto updater (at least 5.6 for EDK 4.3 and above)
Default theme: Use official login image for SSO registration

Note: This is just a rough overview of what went in. For more details see
the git history.

Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-120-3 1.0.20180323

Added PHP version check to auto updater (at least 5.6 for EDK 4.3 and above)

Updated EDK to and CCPDB to Arms Race 1.0.20171205

Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-119-10 1.0.20171024

Fix: PHP7 compatibility for signature mod


Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-119-8 1.0.20170818

Added fitting panel for 4-subsystem T3 Cruisers

Fix: Killmail posting prevention by date for zKBFetch
Hotfix: Made zKBFetch compatible with ESI format
ESI to CREST workaround derp fix
Transform ESI killmail URLs to CREST URLs
Database: Changed default values for datetime/timestamp columns


Updated EDK to and CCPDB to YC-119-7 1.0.20170712


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-119-6 1.0.20170613

Added explicit JS path configuration to xAjax Proxy

Fix: Fixed URL in meta info tags for Kill Details page


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-119-5 1.0.20170509

Show 'Drone' ship group in summary tables

Fix: EDK Proxy for xAjax used $this in static context
Fixed typo when fetching ship classes for pilot summary
Fix: Entity summary table stats after deleting kills
Fix: Front page summary table stats wrong in certain situations


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-119-3 1.0.20170316

Added Syndicate Mobile Warp Disruptors to correct ship class
Exclude Mobile Warp Disruptors from kill lists

ZKBFetch: Removed zKB API modifier "api-only"
Show system sec status colored in kill list tables


Updated CCP DB to YC-119-1 1.0.20170112

Remove Killmail CC via Email functionality - Remove old and vulnerable PHPMailer classes
Respect squadron size for Fighter losses
Cron jobs: Load mods before first log output
Updated zKBFetch for comaptibility with API changes

Fix for zKB Fetch for entities with > 200 kills/h


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to Ascension 1.0.20161114


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-8 1.0.20161011

Enhancement: Added possibility to disable page caching via session

Updated Copyright to 2016 in database update template
Removed last traces of procedural method calls using mysql


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-8 1.0.20160912

Fix: Citadels are no longer considered to be NPCs
Fix: Kill lists listed the same kill multiple times


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-7 1.0.20160809

Fix: zKBFetch ignored the setting for skipping NPC only losses


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-6 1.0.20160628

Added option for displaying daily stats summary on the front page
Try to use CREST hash provided by zKB first before parsing kills

Fix: Redis Cache-Handler Database selection
Fix: Fixed error in ZKBFetch when creating fallback corp for involved parties
Fix: ZKBFetch now accepts formats generated by XML -> CREST converter
Fixed potential layout issues with displaying daily stats summaries


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-5 1.0.20160531
Updated CREST endpoint for fetching item types

Top scorers are no longer displayed on the front page if showing kill points is disabled in configuration
Added getter to page classes for better accessibility from mods
Added calculation of summary (kills, losses, efficiency) to KillListTable class
Added support for structure service slots to InventoryFlag class

Fixed link for creating API keys in ACP
Fix: Fallback for unknown types if fetching from CREST fails
Fix: Support new Attribute Icon format when viewing item details


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to Citadel 1.0.20160427
Allow posting of CREST links with legacy base URL
Changed CREST base URL to crest-tq.eveonline.com

Fetch dogma info for unknown items

Fixed typo in ACP setting name
Fix: Fetching item types via CREST


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-3 1.0.117575

ZKBFetch: Abort instead of skipping kills on CREST communication error
IDFeed/API: Abort instead of skipping kills on CREST communication error
Kill location in IGB
Fixed cache poisoning when running multiple sites
Fixed typo in Item class when rebuilding instance from cache
Fix: Flushing the Redis database did not work
Fix: Item slot for items from ItemLists were not determined correctly


This is a hotfix release for v4.2.19.0, fixing idfeed

Fix: Removed call to removed function

Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-2 1.0.116998
IDFeed from other EDK boards fetches mail from CREST

Made cache object factory more robust against corrupted cache
Added PHP time limit as hint to config option for maximum number of kills to fetch per run
Generic module slot detection
Added Meta Tags to main killboard pages
Added rewind() method to top list base class
Split cron jobs and improved logging
Added documentation to constants
Set old value fetcher to deprecated
API Import: Made more robust against API errors
Updated ACP Troubleshooting indicator icons
Removed legacy EDK feed
Updated IDFeed to v1.5 and zKBFetch to v1.1
Removed reinforced mode feature
Removed PHP4 style constructors from all classes
Many code cleanups

CacheHandlerRedis: Fix for warning in PHP7
Fixed default URL in ValueFetcherCrest
Fix: Respect seconds when showing kills in time intervals
Fix: Declared callback methods as static
Fix: Try to load config after installation check
Installer: Use mysqli and fixed removed/deprecated methods
Fix: Declared gzopen in case only gzopen64 is available


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to YC-118-1 1.0.116645
Add Redis cache system based on memcache handler

Increased memory limit for long-running cron jobs
Added location top list to front page
PHP errors should only be displayed on the frontend when `display_errors` is on.
Made update 038 more robust

Fix: CREST link calculations for Drifter kills
Renamed subselct in location toplist query
Fix: Location toplist now respects PodNoobship setting
Fixed location toplist description when showing kills
Fix: Pilot name was missing from top Solokillers, Damagedealers and Finalblowe toplists


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to Forstline 1.0.116241
Added nearest location to Kills in database

Added filters to top locations list on Solarsystem Detail page
Update coordinates of kills without coordinates

Fixed defect index definition for kb3_kills table
Fixed exception when viewing kills without nearest location
Disable posting of text mails without accurate timestamp
Timestamp parsing of text mails from old EDK installations
Handling of related kills with new timestamp accuracy


Updated EDK to and CCP DB to Parallax 1.0.115480
Added kill location within systems

Killmail Parser: Added support for timestamps accurate to the second

Fix: Kill coordinates in zKBFetch
Fix: Make Pheal actually use the API server setting in constants.php


Updated Killboard to and Vanguard 1.0.114986

Fix: SQL error when adding/updating on some environments


Updated EDK version to for Galatea 1.0 and CCP DB to 114618

Added getter to detail view pages

Fixed non-static reference in static method in Corporation class
Fix: Redirection for database update using https


Updated CCP DB to Aegis
Download unknown ships/items

Updated CREST links for https, added CA certificate bundle
Removed obsolete alliance logos ...
Added error hanlding to item fetching functionality

Fix: Remove broken cyan color tag from corp descriptions


Fix: AJAX when called from command line
Fix: Cron Jobs and Simple URLs.


Updated CCP to Carnyx 1.0.113321, Killboard to

Special Item Prices
Updated zKB fetch example URLs

Fix for loading mods in cronjob using xajax (e.g. ajcron)
Merge pull request #39 from R3ality/patch-1
  o Update class.translate.php
Fix: Respect HTTPS scheme everywhere


Updated CCP DB to Mosaic 1.0.112318 Updated Killboard version to (Mosaic 1.0)

Load mods in cron jobs
Improved update mechanism with enhanced version check
DB Update: Convert BPC flags to singleton
Change auto updater download file to update2.xml

Fix: zKB Fetch last kill timestamp reset
Fix: Made zKB fetch more robust
Code cleanup
Removed Accept-Language from SimpleCrest request headers


Updated CCP DB to Scylla 1.0.111482

Rewrote table updates for better compatibility
Enhancement: Added support for item singleton flags

Fix: BPC values in kill detail view
Fix: BPCs inside containers don't conserve the singleton flags
Fix: Add an alliance as killboard owner which is not in the database


Updated CCP DB to Tiamat 1.0 (110751)

Added kill/loss lists for ship types
IDFeed 1.3

Fix for API sanity check
Fix for infamous "Invalid argument supplied..."
Fix: Correctly build context menu in item detail view
Fix: Display context menu only for ships in item details view


Updated CCP DB to Proteus 1.0.109795

ZKBFetch: Updated examples for beta.eve-kill.net
Don't test API connection with cURL if it's not available
Introduced configuration of API connection method

Fix: Copy/Paste error in Ship Details View
Fix: Make installer use UTF8 charset in DB connection
Fixed bug in generating image URLs
Fixed bug in parsing ship traits info links
Fix: file method not being able to handle compressed replies
Fix: For cURL and file methods in SimpleCrest class



Updated CCP DB to Rhea 1.0 (109013)

CREST value fetcher uses industry price as fallback
Updated Map generator to work with Thera
Reintegrated ship traits into item details
Enhanced cURL detection and Pheal compatibility
Expanded ACP Troubleshooting section
Automatically detect file/curl method for XML API
Use TLS with cURL for fetching from CREST/zKB

Fix: Victim name of structures in IDFeed
Fix: Host detection during installation
Fix: Allow negative timestamp offset of 0 for ZKBFetch
Fix: zKB sliding timestamp and HTTP errors
Fix: Changed URL for socket connect check


Updated CCP DB to Phoebe 1.0 (build 107269)
CREST item value fetcher

Added compression to SimpleCrest cURL fallback
Enhanced error logging for API import/IDFeed

Fixed formatting of zKB fetch error texts
Fix: zKB fetch fetching the same kills all over again
Fix: Correctly distinguish involved structures
Fix: Updated XHTML theme for CREST link posting
Fix for external Character ID sanity check
Fix: zKB fetch not fetching new kills
Comments not diplayed on kill detail pages
Updated URL for connectivity check during installation


Updated CCP DB to Oceanus 1.0 (105658)

Enhancement: Negative timestamp offset for zKB fetch
Enhancement: Alliance detection for involved pos mods
Added sanity check for external corp/pilot IDs
Made item price editor use prepared queries

Fix: Use UTC time for adding new zKB fetch configurations
Fix: Copy/Paste error in zKB fetch for involved factions
Fix: Blank alliance for corps without alliance part 2
Fix: Blank alliance for corps without alliance
Fix for creating IDs for roles on 64bit unix systems
Fix: Warning when adding custom top navigation item
Fix: Edit item price for items without price
Fix: Ammo recognition for Tracking Computers
Fix: Corporation links in Corp descriptions
Fix: Ammo recognition for Sensor Boosters
Fix: Ammo detection for Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher


Updated CCP DB to Hyperion 1.0 (101505)

Enhancements to Memcache caching
Enhancement: Get images CCP image server via SSL
Enhancement: Use correct moonID in IDFeed whenever possible
Enhancement: Added CREST link generator
Enhancement: Expose CREST url via kill details menu

Fix: Adding corps/alliances as owners by external ID
Fix: SQL error when adding killboard owners in some environments
Fix: Adding a pilot as killboard owner by external ID
Fix: Handling of https scheme for image server URL
Fix for the Fix for CREST hash generator with NPC deaths
Fix for CREST hash generator with NPC deaths
Fix: Fixed some warnings in API import cron job
Fix: Fetching permanently deleted mails from zKB causes error
Fix: Caching issue while listing zKB Fetch
Fix: Items in "None" bay were doubled on display
Fix: Ignore NPC only kills from zKB Fetch
Fix: Fixed possible fatal error in cron_zkb in some environments
Fix: Crest/zKB Fetcher and chunked responses
Fix: Empty data set from zKB API causing a warning
Fix: Fix for displaying the error code for Json Fetching errors
Fix: Fixed typo and copy-paste error in zKB Fetcher
Fix: CREST/zKB Fetcher with file HTTP method
Fix: Alliance detection for involved structures

Support fetching kills from zKillboard
Show DNA ship fitting for kills in IGB
Expose a kill's CREST link
Updated CCP DB to Crius 1.0 (100038)

Added parsing of showinfo-links in corp descriptions
Determine Alliance of involved structure more reliably

Fix: getting a corp with better performance for CREST mails
Fix: Improved HTTPS detection
Fix: Fixed error when logging to kb3_apilog in some environments
Fix: Fetching a Pilot from API
Corrected API server URL in constants.php
Fix: Remove size attributes from Corp descriptions
Fix: MySQL version to check fails with server versions > 9
Fix: Added exit() after setting header for reloading page
Fix: Add corps as additional board owners
Fix: Distinguishing API from IDFeed in IDFeed class
Fix: CrestParser exception handling compatibility
Fix: Exception handling in CrestParser

Updated CCPDB package files to Kronos 1.0
Updated CCPDB and Killboard version
Enhancement: Added "ignore NPC kills" option to IDFeed
Enhancement: Added more attributes to itemlist
Enhancement: cURL support for SimpleCrest fetcher
Config option: Show ISK loss instead of ship type

Fix: CrestParser, NPC kills and permanent deletion
Fix: Add corp name in front of control towers/mods
Fix: Changed default method to cURL for SimpleCrest
Fix: Delete standings when using simple URLs
Fix: No API Log entries for KillMails API call
Fix: EFT and EVE Fitting export with new slot flags
Fix: Suppress warnings in auto updater
Fix: Empty redirect URL in conversion scripts Part 2
o Support of kill posting via CREST link
o Support for all hangar locations for dropped/destroyed items
o Use CCP KillMail API instead of old KillLog API
o Kill Details: support for charges in low slots

o Updated file verification with correct checksums
o Fixed typo in cron_clearup
o Keep https scheme on update redirections
o Updated API Base URL in installer
o Handling of item locations from old feeds
o Adding of NPC Corps failed in some environments
o Make API key handling more robust
o Parser NullPointer and translation of old mails
o Graceful error handling for unknown involved ships in parser
o Correct detection of installed https wrapper
o Wrong count for KillLists for more than one Killboard Owner

o Includes CCPDB for Rubicon 1.3 (Mar 23, 2014)
o Lineendings of all code files harmonized to unix style
o Autoupdater enhancement: Check file permissions before update,
                           Check file permissions for files to delete
o Updated PHEAL to version 0.1.15
Includes CCP DB for Rubicon 1.3 (Mar 10, 2014)
Bugfix: Installer incompatibility with new database
Bugfix: Weapons list in "Ships & Weapons"
Includes CCP DB for Rubicon 1.1 (Jan 24, 2014)
Removed the autoupdater for CCP database
Starting with EDK will always contain current CCP DB.
  This is what the forth number in the version is for. E.g. if there will
  be a new CCP DB but no code update in EDK, then next version will be
Bugfix: execQuery() on unknown entities identified by external ID
Fixed the code autoupgrader. It should work for the next upcoming versions now
Bugfix: Files from code update archive shall always be extracted
Bugfix: Towers show always "None" as Alliance
Workaround: API verification of manually poster or fetched kills
Feature: make parser accept killmails from fully localized clients
Bugfix: idfeed uses argument "startdate" as "enddate"
Bugfix: if the option "Include Capsules, Shuttles and Noobships in kills" is disabled in ACP, kills for these ship classes won't be displayed even if filtered
Value fetch: Set "Update Faction Values" to No as default
Fix: Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant
Fix step 5 of installation
Fix for API via https
Add Crucible 1.1 DB packages.
Add \n to cronjobs.
Ship class links for public summary tables fixed.
fix parser translation for pre-crucible 1.0 ABs.
Page cache timing fixes - respects admin settings.
Setting prices on kill details works with unitialised Kills
Neaten update errors for unlinking missing files.
Remove kill points from killer rather than victim on deletion.
Updates old owner ids to new format
idfeeds no longer fall back to old feed on error
items inside containers are stored correctly
blueprint copies inside containers work
Unknown ships are added with correct id.
Installer finds http class when curl is not enabled.
Killlog error messages are clearer.
Parser fails less dramatically on unknown ships and weapons.
Add new, unknown, alliances when adding new corps.
Add server status class.
Fix CCP's latest killmail bugs.
Fix for updated german killmail translations.
Fix kill related links.
Item values can be updated on kills.
Forum post and known members mods fixed.
CSS fixes for kill_details
API static methods under 5.2
Name display on self details page cleaned.
BPCs in quantities greater than 1 found
API kills show API as source.
search redirectes to correct page.
Classified mails fixed.
previous month selection in corp details corrected.
german translation of mails updated.
pilot names shown on some awards where they were missing
better escaping of old killlog API names.
moons table created if it does not exist.
URL redirects with non-simple urls no longer escaped.
filename fixed in renamed cron files.
Cleaner URLs: kburl/home/2011/23/kills/
More caching! Objects can now be filecached(meh)/memcached(yay!)
Corp logo transparency returns
IIS bug avoided
improved error messages
improved duplicate checks
improved toplist display for mixed boards
ajcron admin panel display fix
various other internal fixes
Added html5 theme
New API support
Support Implants on pod mails
Support BPC flag
Updated with Crucible database
More stuff
Related kill count fix
Incarna DB
Custom EDK URL creation support (supports future versions of EDK)
Use CCP image server for images
If using local cache of images, fetch Types from CCP
Fix for pilot points and corp icons in killlists
Increased contrast of red graphs in red theme
Troubleshooting page checks SSL support.
Corp logo transparency returns
IIS bug avoided
pilot points shown
improved error messages
thumbnail fixes for lighttpd
more default thumbnail sizes
summary tables on public boards work again
improved duplicate checks
improved toplist display for mixed boards
ajcron admin panel display fix
various other internal fixes
Mixed pilot/corp/alliance board owner
- no limits on number or type of owners
Code cleaning
DB speed optimisations
Quicker install
Moved everything to the left a bit.
More separation of mods and core for easy modding and theming
Images now use CCP's types directory structure
API updated with CCP's latest changes.
Images are now accessed through thumb.php
- simpler image handling
- improved speed for large sites
- ready for CCP's planned item image server
Russian mail parser fixes
kill_details has optional 256x256 ship background
kill_details links to killmail source.
Refixed hyphenated name display
Handles CCP's new default image system
Incursion 1.1 DB
Campaign end dates are respected
Cronjob feed fetches update last kill on first run
Fixed hyphenated name display
Structure names handled consistently
Improved alliance clustering in related kills
Incursion updates
- Name
- Image files
- Installation db
IDFeed renames structures as per standard parser.
kill_related improvements
Fixed killlist generation speed issues.
Fixes for cache generation issues
Corp/alliances with a null timestamp are updated correctly.
Alliance portraits show same image for small and large sizes
IDFeed reader stops posting 0 quantity kills.
IDFeed reader works more convincingly.
Single pilot boards authorise owner to post kills
IDFeed reader works.
Feed page works for pilot feeds.
Hashing works for updated kills
Update can reset db level.
IDFeed reader works for Corporate boards.
corp_detail correctly links to CEO
Constellation highlighting on maps highlights
Memcache support in page cache improved.
Region names on kill lists return
IDFeed reader implemented similar to CCP API feed.
Classes can be overridden by mods.
Code has been rewritten to fit a more OO design.
Code has been rewritten to be more maintainable.
Error handling has been added to improve error messages.
Error messages can be logged to file.
Memcache is used more widely, if enabled.
Standard cache manager has been added enabling simpler cache handling.
CCP's new image server is used.
Newer, faster version of the Smarty templating system is used.
Front page cam be toggled to display current week/month only.
Feed syndication uses 'trust'. API ids from trusted boards are used to verify kills.
Hashes of killmails are used to speed up the processing of duplicate kills.
Image cache now organised by ID and shared between pilot/corp/alliance.
More theming-friendly changes
Default character encoding added to db setup
New ships added.
API admin more friendly
More display options.
Numerous minor bugfixes and improvements.
Final Tyrannis content added to installer.
Auto db-updater works again
Tyrannis rather bizarrely sets pilots known to have no alliance as 'Unknown'
instead of 'None'. EDK will convert this back to 'None' until sense is restored.
Admin upgrade will report errors if upgrade could not be performed.
Prepared queries return better error messages.
Cache clearing script fixed.
Corp detail page shows top ships used rather than killed.
New ships can be added to admin ship values again.
Rare error in renaming pilots fixed.
Callback function passes references (Mod makers rejoice)
Updates to core mods missing from previous updates added.
Toplist speed fixes
Memory limits added to db caches
Backglow returned to kill detail modules
Kill related is more related.
Ship values set in the admin panel are set
Cache clearing cronjob checks directories exist
Toplist speed fixes.
Campaign speed fixes.
Pages no longer allow incorrect caching.
Signatures display correctly.
Kill detail themes work again.
PHP5 support only. PHP 4 may work in some cases but is not supported.
External ID for kills, corps and alliances added
large database handling improved
extended theme support
event driven page modification
v2.0.10 (svn r488)
Date function works in php4
v2.0.9 (svn r486)
Year end date handling fixed.
missing rank mod images returned.
Dominion parser and db
v2.0.8 (svn r479)
Board updated with Dominion installation DB and IGB pages changed.
PHP4 compatibility improved
Rank mod no longer gives EWAR award for missile use.
v2.0.7 (svn r476)
PHP4 compatibility improved
Install speed increased
EFT fittings show subsystems
session handling improved
corrected ship class filtering
pilot's corp reset correctly
eve-dev references changed to eve-id
v2.0.6 (svn r459)
Security fixes
Updated parser
Improved handling of large cache directories
cache clearing script included
v2.0.3 (svn 445)
- various bufixes
- PHP4 support
v2.0.1 (svn 435)
- first release of EDK v2
v2.0.0 RC1 (svn 370)
- Incorporates changes and additional mods from Alvar's EDK Full Package v150.13Apoc.33.2622.0
- Database structure changed
- SQL queries optimised for speed and error protection.
- feed syndication optimised
- front page includes optional clock and optional kill/loss display
- mysqli support added
- transaction protection of kills added where supported
- summary tables and contracts show total destroyed value instead of ship value
- html errors reduced
- related kill calculation improved
- query caching errors reduced
- minor bugfixes
- Smarty 2.6.25 added
- apoc fitting mod added and modified
- code optimisations
- comments added (doxygen format)
- conflicting mods are now identified

// Alvar Package VERSION HISTORY
v150.10Apoc.29.2622.0 - Initial Release
- This was the basic build as above but only for the QR information.
- Included updated Smarty to

v150.11Apoc.30.2622.0 - Updates for Apocrypha
- Updated the API to 3.0
- Added the Corp Logo mod
- Added the Apoc dB dump 1.1 from FriedRoadKill

v150.11Apoc.30.2622.1 - Updates for Missing files
- Added missing files for core mod: rank mod
- Added the missing parser files for the latest version
- class.registry.php included to fix borking api

v150.12Apoc.32.2622.0 - Updates for
- Update to API to 3.2
- Added the Apoc dB dump 1.2 from FriedRoadKill
- Updated the Version nomenclature.

v150.13Apoc.33.2622.0 - Updates for
- Update API to 3.3
- Updated the Apoc dB dump 1.3 from FRK
- Added the Apoc Fitting screen 1.3 by btcentral
- Removed the "Non Installed Mods" folder
- Removed the "Alvar" style

Web:                http://www.evekb.org/forum/

For general support, bugfixes and new versions see http://www.evekb.org

Developers wanted!
If you'd like to contribute to further version
of this killboard, sign up for the EVE-Dev forums!