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CDM is a minimalistic, yet full-featured replacement for login-managers like slim, kdm, gdm and qingy that provides a fast, dialog-based login system without the overhead of the X Window System or the instability of qingy. Written in pure bash, CDM has no other dependencies, yet supports multiple users/sessions and can start virtually any DE/WM.

Configuring CDM

You can configure CDM by editing /etc/cdmrc. It is fully documented and should be relatively easy to figure out.

Before you can use CDM, you must copy the xinitrc and bash_profile supplied in /usr/share/cdm/skel to the home directory of each user (or merge the contents of said files).

Starting X

Login to the console and select your prefered session (or console, if allowed) from the menu.

Additional users may be logged in by switching to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1). If the user is already logged in, CDM will automatically activate their pre-existing session.