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3D viewer for spritesheets and voxel models
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Sprit3r is a small software which displays 3D models from spritesheets. Each tile in the sheet represents one layer of the 3D model. The layers are then stacked on top of each other to achieve the effect.


The model was rendered from this image:


Sprit3r is not a model editor, but the preview will refresh continuously as you edit it in another software. This makes it much easier to visualize what your art may look like in a game or other piece of software using the same technique.

The software also supports .vox files, which is a binary format exported by MagicaVoxel.

How to use

Sprit3r is cross platform, but requires LOVE to run. You can download the latest version at Refer to the LOVE docs if you are unfamiliar with running LOVE projects. The simplest way is dragging the sprit3r/src folder onto your LOVE application.

Note that a future update may break the code! Recommended version is LOVE 11.1


Sprit3r was written in Lua using the LOVE framework.

Thanks to vrld for the cool SUIT library used in the project.

Thanks to kikito who wrote the parser for .vox files.

My post on the LOVE forums:

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