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by Adam Baldwin ver something.something.alpha

Features / About is a cross-site scripting (xss) convenience toolkit. It's purpose is to help ease exploitation of xss vulnerabilities.

  • Create and utilize a library of reusable code snippets
  • Quickly create exploit payloads by dragging and dropping snippets
  • Use Referer based redirects to save precious payload space
  • Create and Monitor unique payload drops for blind xss exploitation


  1. Install Redis 2.6 (required for LUA scripting)
  2. Install node.js >= 0.8.4
  3. git clone
  4. cd
  5. npm install .
  6. Setup a twitter app id (for authentication) [somebody should add local auth ;)]
  7. Fight with bugs and steps I forgot to include here

Firefox Plugin

Architecture currently runs using node.js and Redis. It's goal is to be always on and fast.


Chances are there is something missing that will prevent this for working right for you. Sorry about that. Just drop an issue or pull request and I'll get to it someday.

Other Contributors

Design by Adam Brault


MIT - Copyright (C) 2012 Adam Baldwin