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This repo contains code for the paper "Nice Try, Kiddo": Investigating Ad Hominems in Dialogue Responses (NAACL 2021).


The full AdHomInTweets dataset consists 14.5K [post, response] English Tweet pairs. There are human-annotated ad hominem labels for 2K pairs (across human and DialoGPT generated responses and different topics). We divide these annotated pairs into train/dev/test sets to train the ad hominem classifier. Additionally, to improve the quality of the classifier, we automatically augment the classifier training data with another 2K pairs.

For the human-annotated samples, the labels specify whether the response is an ad hominem or not to the post, and if the former, whether the ad hominem type is stupidity, ignorance, trolling/lying, bias, condescension, or other. For the classifier-labeled samples, the labels are a binary categorization of whether the response has an ad hominem(s) to the post. See the original paper for more category details.

To comply with Twitter's Terms of Service, data is available upon request. Please contact Emily at ewsheng at gmail.


conda create --name ad-hominems python==3.7
conda activate ad-hominems
pip install -r requirements.txt

Ad Hominem Classifier

To run the trained ad hominem classifier, first download the model here.

Then use the following command:

python \
--data_dir [PATH-TO-DATA-DIR] \
--test_file [TEST-FILE] \
--model_type bert \
--model_name_or_path adhom_model \
--output_dir output \
--do_predict \

We expect this trained model to not be as useful outside the domains it was trained on, and suggest re-training for different domains.

Constrained Decoding: SalienSimTop-k

To do standard dialogue generation without constrained decoding, you can run:

python \
--prompt_file [PROMPT_FILE] \
--output_file [OUTPUT_FILE]

To apply constrained decoding:

python \
--prompt_file [PROMPT_FILE] \
--output_file [OUTPUT_FILE] \
--annotated_file [ANNOTATED_FILE] \
--use_constrained_decoding \
--calc_salience \

ANNOTATED_FILE is a CSV file that contains labels and samples necessary to calculate salient ngrams as part of the constrained decoding. A sample is included at data/sample_annotated_file.csv. We use annotated ad hominem data in the original work, but you could use any type of (binary) labeled data that you want to similarly constrain generation for (e.g., reducing offensive/toxic language, microaggressions). Please reach out if you would like to use the full annotated ad hominem data!


Tools to study and reduce ad hominems and other harmful language







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