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Security of Things

Welcome to Exein

Fleet of Exein devices

At Exein, we are building the next-gen framework for the Security of Things, and we are on a mission to build it open source.


There are many ways Exein can be used to make your devices more secure. Here are some to get you started:

  • Pulsar - Blazing fast, eBPF-based runtime security for embedded devices.
  • Cosmo - Advanced, hackable firmware image security posture analysis tool.
  • Kepler - Open Source CVE search engine written entirely in Rust.

Next steps

If you would like what we are up to and would like to get more involved, here are a few options:

  • Engage with us through our community discussions here on GitHub and let us know what you would like to see built next.
  • Check out our official blog, where we regularly share insights about our technology and stories about our journey.
  • If you are passionate about building a radically more secure IoT landscape and you love open source, join us.

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  1. pulsar pulsar Public

    A modular and blazing fast runtime security tool for the IoT, powered by eBPF.

    Rust 863 53

  2. kepler kepler Public

    NIST-based CVE lookup store and API powered by Rust.

    Rust 126 11

  3. cosmo-cli cosmo-cli Public

    Command-line interface (CLI) tool for the Cosmo API.

    Rust 8

  4. architest architest Public

    Buildroot configuration for building qemu test VMs

    Shell 8


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