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⚠️ Project not under active development ⚠️

We're working on open-sourcing another iteration of pithos which offers much better protocol support and better performances.

No release date known yet

pithos: cassandra object storage

Pithos is an S3-compatible object store leveraging cassandra to distribute contents horizontally.

Documentation site lives at

Build Status


You can use docker-compose to easily run the current branch in a Docker container for testing purposes. The Clojure and Cassandra Docker images will use around 1GB of disk space.

docker-compose up

Create a new bucket:

s3cmd --config doc/s3cmd.cfg mb s3://my-bucket
Bucket 's3://my-bucket/' created

s3cmd --config doc/s3cmd.cfg ls s3://
2016-05-27 09:04  s3://my-bucket

To build an run Pithos manually, continue reading.


In order to build and run Pithos you will need the following components:

  • Working Java Runtime Environment version 7 or higher
  • A Cassandra cluster in version 2 or higher
  • Leiningen Clojure package builder


To build pithos run:

lein uberjar

you will get a standalone Java jar file in the target/ directory


To run Pithos manually start it with

java -jar target/pithos-0.7.5-standalone.jar

Pithos will expect finding a valid configuration file under /etc/pithos/pithos.yaml. You can specify a distinct config file using the -f switch.

The following startup switches are available:

 Switches                 Default  Desc
 --------                 -------  ----
 -h, --no-help, --help    false    Show Help
 -f, --path                        Configuration file path
 -q, --no-quiet, --quiet  false    Never output to stdout
 -a, --action             api-run  Specify an action (api-run, install-schema)

Bootstrapping the environment

Pithos includes a schema definition file in order to bootstrap your Cassandra cluster. To install the schema, run:

java -jar target/pithos-0.7.5-standalone.jar -a install-schema

Test using the s3cmd command line client

Have a look at the minimal configuration file provided in doc/s3cmd.cfg. If not running locally, remove the last lines, as explained in the configuration file.

Create a bucket:

s3cmd -c doc/s3cmd.cfg mb S3://<bucket>

List your buckets:

s3cmd -c doc/s3cmd.cfg la
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