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About goonep

goonep is a Go binding for Exosite One Platform API. The API is exposed over HTTP in a JSON RPC style interface.

License is BSD, Copyright 2015, Exosite LLC (see LICENSE file)

Quick Start

1.) Install Go on your system

2.) Set up your workspace in the manner described in the Go documentation

3.) Clone this repository to the src/ directory in your Go workspace

4.) Once you've set up your workspace and set your GOPATH, run the command go get to install a library goonep uses in testing

Getting A CIK

Access to the Exosite API requires a Client Identification Key (CIK). If you're just getting started with the API and have signed up with a community portal, here's how you can find a CIK:

1.) Log in:

2.) Click on "devices" on the menu on the left

3.) Click on a device to open its properties

4.) The device's CIK is displayed on the left

Once you have a CIK, you can substitute it in the tests. Note that any functions that take a parameter called auth can take a string CIK directly.

General API Information

For more information on the API, click here.

HTTP Data Interface

The HTTP Data Interface is a minimal HTTP API best suited to resource-constrained devices or networks. It is limited to reading and writing data one point at a time.

The API is documented here.