An automated tool for creating CVs on the fly.
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CVcreator is an automated CV generator which uses YAML templates. For example outputs, take a look into the examples/ folder.


Generate a simple example.yaml file:

$ cvcreate --yaml

Compile example.yaml to example.pdf:

$ cvcreate example.yaml

To select a template, use the -t option. If tab-completion is one, it allow to list the templates available:

$ cvcreate example.yaml -t<tab>
banking   casual    classic   default   margin    oldstyle

For information about other options, see:

$ cvcreate --help

Custom Logo

To use a custom logo, just replace the local file logo.pdf with your own user provided file.


For installation on Mac OS-X, see section below


sudo apt-get install latexmk
pip install pyyaml

There is currently a bug in the install process of pyyaml in pip on OS X which unables installation under pyenv. The solution is to install using the following command:

CC=$(which python) pip install pyyaml

The problem and the solution is described here:

Alternatively use MacPorts.


Install by downloading and running:

python install

Argument completion

The module optimally uses the argcomplete module to do auto-completion in Bash. This requires that the module is installed and enabled.

Linux install:

sudo apt-get install python-argcomplete
sudo activate-global-python-argcomplete

If installed in Python3:

sudo apt-get install python3-argcomplete
sudo activate-global-python-argcomplete3

It is possible to install argcomplete using pip, but the activation script is not. It should either be done from package manager or from source:

Tips for installation on Mac OS-X

The prerequisites can be installed as described above OR using MacPorts

sudo port install latexmk py27-yaml

and then install cvcreator by

python install --user

(the --user is important not to interfere with the MacPorts installation tree)

It might be necessary to add '/Users/username/Library/Python/python version/bin/' to the path by replacing the username and python version with the appropriate values and putting the following line in your .profile_bash or .bash file: export PATH=/Users/username/Library/Python/python version/bin/:$PATH