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Add form to your website to transfer funds instantly to your lumen account
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#Requirements Plugin requires the following

  • Stellar Javascript SDK
  • Jquery


Include Jquery <script src="jquery-min.js"></script>

Include stellar-js-sdk <script src="stellar-sdk.js"></script>

Include stellar-instant-transfer.js <script src="stellar-instant-transfer.js"></script>

Add the following tag to your page

<div id="stellar-instant-transfer" data-rcvr="GCRUQO55VBD2P......"></div>

Note: The value of data-rcvr should be your Stellar Account ID

That's It! You should have a form as shown in the demo below and ready to receive payments instantly from your website.

#New Features

  • You can now send other asset types not just Lumens
  • You can choose network type; Test or Public


See demo here: Demo URL

#Contact This plugin is still under development. Please report any issues using the issue tracker. Thank you.

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