a GTK+ front-end for the Xi editor
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Build and Install xi-core

Make sure you have a recent version of Rust and Cargo installed (either from your distribution's repositories or with rustup) and that ~/.cargo/bin is in your PATH environment variable.

git clone https://github.com/google/xi-editor.git
cd xi-editor/rust
cargo install

Build and Install xi-gtk

First you need to install the dependencies.

# Debian/Ubuntu:
sudo apt install build-essential valac meson libgtk-3-dev libjson-glib-dev
# Arch:
sudo pacman -S vala meson
# Fedora:
sudo dnf install meson vala gtk3-devel json-glib-devel

Once you have the dependencies installed you can build xi-gtk.

git clone https://github.com/eyelash/xi-gtk.git
cd xi-gtk
mkdir build
cd build
meson ..

Now you can either launch xi-gtk from the build directory with ./xi-gtk or install it with sudo ninja install. If you want to use a debug build of xi-core, you should set the path explicitly with the XI_CORE environment variable:

XI_CORE=xi-editor/rust/target/release/xi-core ./xi-gtk/build/xi-gtk


Shortcut Command
Control+N New File
Control+O Open File
Control+S Save
Control+Shift+S Save As
Control+Z Undo
Control+Y Redo
Control+Q Quit

To Do

  • mouse input and selections
  • saving
  • follow the cursor (respect the scrollto parameter)
  • undo / redo
  • copy / paste
  • line numbers
  • find / replace
  • command palette
  • i18n
  • preferences (font family, font size, etc.)