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ezRPG 1.0.8

A modular game engine written in PHP.


Contributing to the ezRPG project couldn't be easier!

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Make your changes, and push them to your forked repository.
  3. Send a pull request with your changes.
  4. We will review your changes, and accept them if they fix the problem without causing any problems. [Note] While many developers build great 3rd-party modules to enhance your game, we will not include them in our official repo unless they are not game genre specific.


Need some help? Check out the ezRPG Forums - EN

Noteable Mentions

UgraGames - RU | Edward Black has done great work keeping ezRPG 1.0.x dream alive and is a great asset in the Community for our Russian friends.

MakeWebGames - EN | MakeWebGames has been a great second home for us includes a wide network of fellow Game developers like ourselves.


  1. Download latest version of ezRPG.
  2. Visit in your browser to read the documentation of the engine.
  3. Give read/write permission to:
  • config.php
  • smarty/templates_c
  1. Before installing the engine - create an empty database.
  2. To set the engine to visit in your browser and follow the instructions.


ezRPG is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license. A copy of the license is included in the distribution of the engine.

3rd Party Modules

ezRPG 1.0.8 merged with Edward Black's ezRPG 1.0.x fork. His compilation included numerous enhancements done by himself and the following others: