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A no-sql .NET database which implements a single table per file with a primary key. Field types are .NET CLR types, eg. String, Int32, Boolean, etc.
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A no-sql .NET database which implements a single table per file.

FileDb is a free to use simple NoSQL database for .NET. The Standard.NET version allows cross-platform use across Windows, Xamarin Mac, Android and IOS. Use FileDb in your .NET and mobile phone applications where you need a simple, searchable, updatable local database.

  • Stores one table per file, including its index
  • Extremely small size DLL
  • Encryption fully supported - easily encrypt your data
  • Supports field types Int, UInt, Bool, String, Byte, Float, Double and DateTime and also arrays of the same types
  • Index supports a single Primary Key field (optional)
  • Ideal cross-platform database for mobile phone development using Xamarin
  • FileDb is VERY FAST
  • FileDb is FREE to use in your applications
  • Use with LINQ to Objects to achieve full relational capability
  • Supports typed datasets, so you can use either the built-in Table or your own POCO objects (Plain Old Class Object)
  • Database Explorer tool available at
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