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F1TENTH Autonomous Racing Community

F1TENTH is an open-source evaluation environment for continuous control and reinforcement learning.


  1. f1tenth_gym Public

    This is the repository of the F1TENTH Gym environment.

    Python 91 65

  2. Containerized ROS communication bridge for F1TENTH gym environment.

    Python 89 63

  3. Drivers and system level code for the F1TENTH vehicles

    Python 49 53

  4. Forked from JohannesBetz/AutonomousRacing_Literature

    Autonomous Literature Overview

    TeX 7

  5. This repository contains maps from over 20 real race tracks (mainly F1 and DTM) downscaled for the usage in the F1TENTH Gym and F1TENTH Simulator.

    Python 23 15

  6. vesc Public

    Repository for the VESC Controller (ROS1 and ROS2)

    C++ 29 45


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