How to Report Issues

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If you're having problems with HHVM, please submit an issue. Here is a small guide to help you submit a bug report that can easily and quickly get dealt with.

Use the latest build

Make sure you are running the latest build. If you have compiled from the source code, ensure that you do a

git pull && make

and see if the problem was already fixed.

Include as much info as possible

More info is always better. Include:

hhvm --version

your linux distro and version, the source of what you are running, any stack traces, and anything that can possibly be relevant.

Make your test case small

Please don't say "While running this million lines of code, HHVM dies after a few hours". If you can make a php file that is < 10 lines which shows the issue that is a MUCH higher chance we can easily fix it. Also provide an example on if possible.

Good Examples

Submit Your Issue

Using the guidelines above, submit your issue here.

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