Libevent Removal

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With HHVM 3.0.0 we aren't going to ship an HTTP server anymore. That means -m server and -m daemon won't work without -vServer.Type=fastcgi. This came about for many reasons:

  1. About 1/2 of user questions were "how do you configure the server to do ...".
  2. It is largely unmaintained.
  3. Building a webserver isn't our core competency and there are many wonderful options already out there.

We built FastCGI support just for this purpose. The slowdown is negligible for most sites, but we feel the configurability you will gain is very much worth it.

The default package init.d scripts and server.ini files already support FastCGI so it should work right out of the box. You can run sudo /usr/share/hhvm/ to configure your nginx or apache config files automatically.

Talk to anyone with ops on IRC if you have any questions.

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